Less than one week….

We are now in our third week of rehearsals and now have less than one week before we depart on the great conquest.

For the past three weeks, we have been hard at work rehearsing. Therefore, I don’t have many/any traveling tales to share. All that good stuff comes in the next couple weeks!

In the mean time, have a look at some behind-the-scenes treats…
Here’s our set for our elementary school show “A Bump in the Night

Here is myself in my “gut-suit” for “Liars“…

Mr. Adam Bayne touching his own ass…

Last Wednesday, during my morning rituals before rehearsal, I was rough-housing with my lady-friend Kristin, during which I went to bite her knee, when she kneed me in the mouth, during which I retracted my head at a quick speed, resulting in the back of my head absolutely smoking Kristin in the nose. After a visit to the emergency room, it was determined that her nose was still intact. It’s almost a week later and her black eye is finally diminishing.

I thought I’d include this because I can finally say that I hit my girlfriend in the face. Hard. Very hard. Sorry Kristin, just remember how much pain I can inflict on you at any given moment

I am all that is man.

That’s all for now, next week we start our tour in Halifax and some down in my hometown of the good ole’ South Shore, so expect a plentiful amount of updates in the coming weeks!