Some very awesome news today, as I am set to take part in the short film “RIGHTEOUS” written & directed by Cory Bowles (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1027430/). RIGHTEOUS is inspired by the play of the same name that Bowles wrote and starred in for the 2007 Atlantic Fringe Festival.

This will be Cory’s follow-up to his short film “THE SCAVENGERS“, which was easily one of my favourite short films I’ve seen produced locally; so I’m pretty damn amped on the prospect of working on this!

Still screen from THE SCAVENGERS.

As always: that’s all I know for now, so I’ll shut my ass up. More to come!


2 thoughts on “RIGHTEOUS.

  1. Yeah, he definitely seems to have a knack for the whole “being good at things” thing. I’m quite giddy.

  2. Hey, good for you… I loved the Scavengers. Can’t wait to see what else C. Bowles has in store.

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