Hello Word Press.

After reading seemingly the entire internet community rant & rave about the new Word Press, I have decided to switch over. This doesn’t neccesarily mean I’m going to abandon my Blogger account… yet. I am simply weighing my options, and until a decision has been reached, I shall dual-wield blogs.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m an actor, a filmmaker, a designer, and now also a photographer.

What to expect from this blog: various things regarding all of the previously mentioned activities I partake in. Example: recently, I took part in a film by Jason Eisener called TREEVENGE that has since been accepted into the 25th Sundance Film Festival; well I’m taking my ass down to Utah, so keep track of my misadventures via the wonderful world of blog!

More to come, if for whatever reason two blogs isn’t enough, check out my official (?) website @ GlenJM.com & my Facebook fan page (yes I’m that good).

God speed.



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