Happy Holidays / Screw you Expedia!

Merry Christmas you beautiful people, and happy holidays to all the rest. Oh holiday racism. My gift to you is a photo taken by myself (“oh yay”) of my niece getting her ass-kicked via dogsled…sledasskick

The holidays were very good to me, I’ll post an update of all of the treasures I’ve collected over the holidays soon.

The one sour moment of my holiday vacation came via Expedia, (I’m not even gonna link to them!) the website where you can book your flights over the internet with absolute ease. Well I was booking my trip down to Sundance, and everything went fine up until 5 days after they tell me I’m booked, I get another email telling me my tickets are no longer available for me to purchase. WTF. C’mon, are you people insane?


So now I might not get to go to Sundance because some website junked up. Goddammit, I knew I should have gone with a travel agent; at least if this would have happened, I would have had the satisfaction of having a human face to yell at.

Tomorrow I’m going to a travel agent and I’m going to hug them when we’re done.

Happy holidays foolz.


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