Sundance Variety Blog #5!

By Jason Eisener

First couple days have been insane, i think ive slept 6 hours all together so far. Were meeting some amazing people and having a great time.

First screening was so awesome!!!! The crowd went nuts and people are really excited about Treevenge here. Im going to try and get some sleep, ill write more tomorrow Tonight people were running up to tell us we were on aintitcoolnews, heres the artical and heres one from cinematical


2 thoughts on “Sundance Variety Blog #5!

  1. the blog is awesome – thanks for sharing the trip with us! Good to hear the screening went well and Treevenge is taking over the world one festival at a time. Hope you all have a wicked good time and call us if you need bail money. (toll-free 18-666-comics!)

    all the best,

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