…In Defense of Christian Bale

The following is an opinion piece:

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, yesterday a sound file from the set of Terminator: Salvation was leaked to TMZ.com who posted it online. The clip featured a four minute tirade by Terminator star Christian Bale, who was heard screaming at (director of photography) Shane Hurlbut for disturbing his focus during a scene.

The clip can be heard here: http://www.aolcdn.com/tmz_audio/020209_christianbale.mp3

Following the release of the sound byte, a tidal wave of internet hell-fire & hate was directed at Bale…


This man deserves a standing ovation and a footrub from every actor on this planet. He is a martyr for our art.

The openness, intimacy and concentration required for me (personally) to act in a scene leaves me with a feeling of  complete vulnerability. There is nothing more infuriating than having a crew member destroy any sense of atmosphere for the scene being worked on, by either cracking a joke, yawning, or wandering behind Bryce Dallas Howard and staring at a light, you name it.

Respect for acting. That’s what it comes down to. It sounds so lame to say, but it’s true. From my point of view, Christian Bale was the kid who beat up the Bully in the schoolyard. The Bully being the collective ignorance of crew members around the world.

Don’t take this is a bitchfest, 95% of the films I have worked on have been wonderful, constructive environments to create in, but there’s that 5% out there, that really makes me want to go Christian Bale on your ass.


7 thoughts on “…In Defense of Christian Bale

  1. He has a right to be frustrated — it’s that he went off for almost three minutes AFTER the guy apologized, saying nothing except a variation of “Fuck you you fucking fuck.”

    And McG didn’t say SHIT. No one stopped him, and the one guy that tried got told off too. Christian Bale is not the boss of that set, and the boss failed everyone but him.


  2. Glen… I dunno man… that was pretty harsh. It’s one thing to tell someone not to distract you but this is something completely different and unprofessional. Yeah the guy screwed up, but to berate him like that? I mean I wanted to die and crawl out of my skin just listening to it, let alone having it directed at me… there’s really no excuse for losing it like that at A COWORKER.

  3. Common Sense, i feel your comment is not common sense. Also why not use your name, do you not feel like you can back up what you said.
    I guess you have never been entertained by a movie before, thus this conversation is not really worth anything to you.
    I love movies, actors help make them entertaining, being entertained is a very important thing to me in my life.

  4. That’s just it right there, perspective from someone who has no respect for the art, or the artist.

    “Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts?”

    Other jobs have stress? Bold statement, OF COURSE IT’S STRESSFUL TO BE PART OF A BOMB SQUAD! Are you kidding? You try and be the poster boy for a $200m movie. Let’s see if you’re a little tense.

    And what are you talking about “if you act like that you are fired and considered a jerk”? You mean if you’re a Doctor, and one of your nurses starts fucking around with a patient’s tubes while you’re operating, you shouldn’t become a little upset?

    Passion applies to more things than just acting. It boils down to respect for the professional.

  5. Acting is one of the least important jobs in the world. Other jobs have stress. Police, doctor, bomb squad … and if you act like that you are fired and considered a jerk. And THEY are paid a LOT less. Actors do not live in some magical world where it’s okay to do things that other people are not allowed to do. Everybody has the basic right of feeling safe at their work without having somebody want to beat them up. Everybody has times they get upset. What seperates the nut jobs from the sane people .. is sane people do NOT do this and say “well i was passionate” no … you were nuts

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