Jogging Pants

Dear internet friends,

My batteries just died in my Xbox controller and I am too lazy to go fetch some more at the convenience store (apparently not convenient enough). Time for some sweet sweet blog-love, something that I have discovered is becoming harder and harder to sit down and actually do ever since the weather has started co-operating with my demands.

Welcome to the new blog layout!.. Does it make me look fat? I hope so.

Earlier today I found myself schlepping around downtown Halifax in a hoodie and jogging pants (the gross kind with all the wrong stains). The moral of this story is that the pants I wanted to wear are now too tight for my waist, so I said fuck it, and downgraded myself to “jogging pants” status for the afternoon.

Louis CK on getting fat:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m slowly feeling my body change; jiggling in new parts when I move quickly, sweat more when I exert too much energy, or feel my belly warm up when I sit around for too long. I apologize if anyone finds this division of my blog to be exploitative towards the overweight community, but I am simply amazed at the body’s capacity for change with a few extra peanut butter sandwiches and a tub of “The Incredible Bulk”.

Anyways, it’s another beautiful day, I’m off!

Three things to improve your today:

  • Go out and rent JCVD! A phenomenal film that is impossible to describe without having your brain getting fed up with you.
  • Did you know that Gary Oldman played a dwarf in a film called Tiptoes? Neither did I. But here’s the trailer: Amazing.
  • Tonight is the very last Thrillema in Dartmouth! Conan The Barbarian screens at 9:00pm!

3 thoughts on “Jogging Pants

  1. I have never read your post before but I thought you should know about this:
    As you know “Scrubs” just had it’s series finale and one of the character’s The Janitor has NEVER said his real name. In the last episode he said his name was “Glen Matthews” so I googled it and your page was the first thing to come up.
    Thought you would find that interesting / funny.

    Oh and Gary Oldman did excellently in Tiptoes…the rest of the cast not so much. It was very awkward and odd.

  2. ok so..”Tiptoes” is now officially on my Zip list. but….”the role of a lifetime”? did they really think that’s as good as it was going to get for him? i mean he looks good but…”THE role of a lifetime”?

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