AFF Excitement Contest!

What a momentous occasion! For the first time ever in the history of the Excitement/World Traveller Blog, I’m hosting a contest! Up for grabs is (drumroll)…

Two Tickets to Atlantic Shorts IV, Monday night at Park Lane at 7:00pm!!

A prize valued at twenty-two Canadian dollars. Atlantic Shorts IV’s awesome lineup includes SuNfiSh (starring Mary Fay Coady), DOG GIRL (cinematography & editing by Dayle Hendrix), MEAGAN, LE CHIEN (Directed by Jeff Wheaton, starring myself & Kevin Kincaid), SLUG (starring Evany Rosen), & Andrew Bush’s Bridge Award BACKSHIFT.

Big thanks to my Le Chien co-star Kevin Kincaid who acquired me the tickets that made this contest possible!


STEP #1: You’re going to have to download then print off a PDF that has the words “GLEN MATTHEWS WOULD MAKE A GREAT BATMAN”, because I think I would. (Click the link below or the photo to download the PDF).


STEP #2: Take a picture of yourself displaying your support for me as Batman (example below).

(Mask not neccessary.)

STEP #3: Email your photo to me at

STEP #4: Wait.

Tomorrow (Sunday the 20th) afternoon at 12:00pm, I will randomly draw from all of those who entered, and the winner will recieve two tickets to Atlantic Shorts IV. Yeehaw!

I should host a game show!



2 thoughts on “AFF Excitement Contest!

  1. Take the photo and send it in! As it is now, you are in the front running… mostly because you’re the only one who has expressed any interest thus far.

  2. Im entering your contest! So because I went outa my way to be the first person to leave a comment…. im gunna win right? =)

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