And the Winner is…

The contest is over, and a winner of the two tickets to Atlantic Shorts IV has been crowned! After sifting through a grand-total of 3 entries, I am pleased to present the winner…


…Well, this is actually the winner’s kids; and due to the fact that the internet is a creepy, creepy place, we’ll just forgoe listing the winner’s name, address and social insurance number. Congratulations you winner, you!


2 thoughts on “And the Winner is…

  1. AWWWWWW!!!! =) those are the most beautiful little boys ive ever seen!! where did you ever get such a sweet picture!? =)
    ps. im very excited about the show tonight! how do i get the tickets exactly? and does it start at 7? lol, just let me know and im looking forward to being there! =)

  2. Congratsumondo! Yes, the screening starts at 7:00. I’ll be there at 6:30. If I don’t see you by 6:45, I’ll leave the tickets at the Atlantic Film Festival box office on the 2nd floor of Park Lane Mall, which is where the theatre is also located.

    I’ll send you a message with my phone number in case you have any troubles.

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