I Once Knew a Man From Nantucket…

UPDATE (Oct. 15/09): I was informed that it was probably in my best interest to take down the set photos from the Moby Dick shoot. However, if you’re still hoping to check them out, go to Shelburne County Now‘s Website.

I apologize, I don’t know the punch line to the Nantucket line, I never have, but I’ve always assumed it ended with the words “Suck it.”

The reason that I have titled this blog entry as such, is because my portion of MOBY DICK is based in Nantucket… in retrospect, I probably should have just called this entry “Moby Dick, Day One”… moving on.

On Wednesday, I had my first day (of three) working on Moby Dick. This was huge for me, really huge. Allow me to indulge you in a hyperbole: this was like a young rookie pitcher being called up to the Yankees for a try out. And now allow me to break it down literally, last weekend, I was working on a movie for sandwiches, on Wednesday, I was working on a movie with a budget of $25 million. I ate so many f***ing sandwiches.

Adding a layer of absurdity to the day was the fact that the film was shooting in my hometown of Lunenburg!

This was either going to be the absolute best day or the absolute worst day of my life.

The film, directed by Mike Barker, (who directed Sea Wolf in Halifax last year) features an insanely talented cast, that I don’t think I am allowed to name (or confirm) just yet. Stay tuned for that goodness.

At the Knot Pub for a celebratory Stella Artois (Glen Matthews’ drink of choice). My Mother was sadly afflicted with the inability to open her eyelids at the time of this photo…


The day came and went, and I can definitely say that it was definitely on the side of “Best” day of my life. I had an amazing time, and I’m fairly confident that the final product will be a quality addition to my resume. I still have two more days of shooting next week in Shelburne to f*** it all up. Let’s hope for more of the best, shall we?


16 thoughts on “I Once Knew a Man From Nantucket…

  1. Ahab is as difficult to hunt as that “hwite” whale, it seems. 🙂 Thanks for asking people about Hurt, Glen. He was probably shooting most of the scenes indoors. It was awesome to see you and other cast members in the photos you linked to. Well done, sir! Did anyone tell you when the whole series will be ready for us to watch?

  2. LT, I just updated my lovely blog with a link to some Moby Dick photos, I didn’t see any William Hurt ones though.

    I asked a couple of people on set yesterday what he was wearing on his face, and they thought he was shaven. No definite answer, though.

    The hunt continues.

  3. Wow, thanks for that bit about Tom, cos I was like: “Tom? I must be retarded but I don’t remember this character. I’d better ask.” And looking forward to anything about Hurt. He s such a formidable actor. Thanks again and enjoy yourself on the set!

  4. I like to call Tom an innovation on the original literary masterpiece, haha, yes, he was added. I believe he is there to further emphasize Ahab’s motivations, but I won’t elaborate any further.

    I don’t think William is set to be on set tomorrow, but I’ll ask around and find out what facial hair he has decided to rock, and you will have your answer!

  5. Haha on that Gills comment, you got me fooled, Glen. J/k, j/k.

    Thanks for answering. I understand you need to be discreet, so just one more question, because I don’t remember the book that well. Does your character, Tom,appear in it or was invented in the script?

    The photos I saw on your site and on others are really impressive. Amazing set and dresses, and very convincing faces, including yours. I think I already like this adaptation. :))) So have a whale of a time filming and let us know if you saw William Hurt. So curious how he will look as Ahab.

  6. Yeah, from my encounters there are no prima donnas on the set. All good vibes.

    Except for Gillian Anderson: she keeps spitting in people’s coffees and breaking the boom mic over her knee.

    …that last part was a complete lie.

  7. LT, thanks, Gillian was working the brunette look, and I haven’t encountered Mr. Hurt as of yet on the set. I’ve only had two days on set so far (I have one more day on Tuesday).

    My character’s name is Tom, and I am the son of the Captain of The Rachel, another ship based out of Nantucket. That’s probably all that I am at liberty to discuss. Most of my scenes are opposite of the uber-talents of Charlie Cox, and Eddie Marsan.

    The quality of the cast, leads & supporting is astounding, and it’s an honor to be working with these heavyweights as my first Actra gig.


  8. Very nice pics, indeed: it seems you’ve had a lot of fun. Is Gillian red-haired for the shooting? And does William Hurt have whiskers or a beard as captain Ahab? Tell us something more about the scenes you’re in. And good luck.

  9. That’s awesome, again, thanks! If I do happen to create some form of picture-taking-bond with either one of them, I will make sure to post them!

  10. I totally understand, thanks anyway!

    I’m a huge fan of mister Hurt and that’s why I wanted to see him. Or miss Anderson.

    Good luck, always!

  11. Thanks Melissa! No, I didn’t manage to snag any photos of Gillian Anderson or William Hurt (he wasn’t on set the day I was there).

    I only have a few days on set, so I don’t want to piss anyone off by running around taking pictures of them, no matter how good Gillian was looking.

  12. Hi! I liked your pics, especially the “paparazzi-mother” part… ahahaha… thanks for showing them, but… is there any pic with Gillian Anderson or/and William Hurt? If you do, honey, pleaseeeee, can you show them? Anyways, good luck and thanks again! 🙂

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