M5 Weapons of War

Last Summer, I got to spend a beautiful day on a sandy beach and call it “work”. I’m telling you this, not because I’m gloating, but because I’m fairly excited about the show’s debut!

M5 WEAPONS OF WAR will premiere on Discovery HD June 4th. The show’s premise is as follows…

M5 – Weapons of War is a series of one hour documentaries which bring together the technology, science and history of the most significant weapons of the ancient world. M5 recreates these magnificent, long forgotten weapons, resurrects their ancient recipes and method of manufacture, bringing these amazing weapons and their warriors to life.

And now, the time has come, for Glen Matthews as a Spanish Conquistador…

Conquistador With an Arquebus…

I actually had a chance to fire the Arquebus, the weapon that’s featured in Episode 2 of the series (airing June 11th). I love the fact that the first gun I’ve ever fired, is over 200 years old.

Here’s some more badassery from the series…

So subscribe to Discovery HD using the magical powers of your remote control, and enjoy some medevil weaponry! Also make sure to “Like” the M5 WEAPONS OF WAR Facebook Page for more info @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/M5-Weapons-of-War/123758487635755


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