Mostest Stokedest – Summer Films 2010

FACT: Not only am I, Glen Matthews, a professional and world renowned Actor, I also like to watch movies! Weird, huh?

By combining the powers of the Internet, and the element of Blog, I would like to introduce you to five movies coming out this Summer that I am fully prepared to throw ten dollars at!

I know there’s a lot of internet-flame-soldiers crapping all over this film’s existence, calling blasphemy from day one. Well flame-on, because I’m excited– no screw that, I am giddy for this remake! Perhaps it’s because I only finally watched the original “Wax on, wax off” KARATE KID last September, or maybe it’s because the only book larger than 200 pages I read for the first 17 years of my life was “I Am Jackie Chan”.

It opens two days before my birthday, so you better believe I’ll be in the middle of a jam-packed theatre full of kids who have no idea who Ralph Macchio is.


Everyone I talk to thinks that this is directed by Robert Rodriguez, it’s not, he’s producing, he’s too busy making kid’s films that don’t even make sense to kids. The director is a man named Nimrod Antal (yes, Nimrod), who directed last year’s ARMORED which I thought was a really underrated flick with a bunch of awesome performances.

Fun director + Predator = Yes.


This is Batman 3, right?


JULY (TBA – Limited Release) – WINNEBAGO MAN
This is a documentary about one of the funniest things the internet has ever given me…
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Essentially, the documentary catches up with Jack Rebney, the man featured in the video. Rest assured, if this film is successful, there will be a slew of documentaries about internet phenomena; I’m looking at you Two Girls, One Cup.


Edgar Wright has two feature length films under his belt: SHAUN OF THE DEAD & HOT FUZZ. Need I say more? The guy is ridiculously innovative. The film is based on the graphic novel created by Bryan Lee O’Malley as he lived in Halifax, so that gets a few brownie points in my books!

This August, style will battle substance in an all-out war!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the TRAILER:

So that’s it, that’s all! Bring on the Summer! What are YOU (emphasized with cap-lock) looking forward to?


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