Logan And I

It’s been more than two and a half years since I toured with Neptune Theatre’s Young Company; two years since I did any form of theatre (unless you count my hilariously failed attempt at a stand-up routine). Well I’m back on the proverbial horse again because along with this week’s “ONCE UPON AN EVENING OF SHORT PLAYS” (Facebook link), I will soon be sauntering onto the stage in another production…

LOGAN AND I” will be The Doppler Effect’s (founded by Michael Mcphee & Annie Valentina) first show, and will be put on at The Bus Stop Theatre in late July during the Queer Acts Festival.

More info soon, but for now, check out the amazing poster put together by James “SignalNoise” White (http://blog.signalnoise.com/)…

James White is also responsible for the logos for HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN & TREEVENGE. Check out his blog, he has some really beautiful work!

I’ll have more info available soon, so stay tuned for LOGAN AND I in late July!


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