Hey folks, two quick updates for the day! First up, I’ve added a Press section to the blog (hence the title-pun) where I will put all of my news clippings, reviews, and other things that my Mother would usually put into a scrapbook for your convenient viewing.

I recently received a review of my performance in Evan Kelly‘s THE CORRIDOR from The Coast/Globe & Mail writer Carsten Knox (flawintheiris.blogspot.com), which I would like to share with you now…

One of the strengths of The Corridor is in the ensemble, five young actors who entirely convince as friends who’ve known each other for years, slipping into old dynamics as they reunite to help one of their number regain some semblance of normalcy. In the jocular relationship between the guys, Glen Matthews’ Jim “Hugs” Huggan is perhaps the most mature and evolved, with an off-screen wife with whom he’s struggling to start a family. Matthews manages to deftly communicate both the adult side of Jim and the bullied, still-sensitive youth underneath. He’s the guy who wants to be cool with his friends, to be an equal, but still suffers for a lack of esteem given his inability to impregnate his wife, a sensitivity with roots back to whenever he earned the nickname “Hugs.” Matthews makes Jim his own, and later, when things go bad for all the friends, his spiral into madness is strange and frightening.

Check out the Press page by either clicking the link in the top right hand corner of the blog, or by clicking right here: https://glenjm.wordpress.com/press/ So many options!

That’s all for now. Scroll down for the other update. Now!


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