I’m not sure when I announce anything without excitement, but today is certainly no exception: I have been cast in Doghouse Riley Productions‘ staging of THE NUN’S VACATION, a new play by giftedly twisted (or twistedly gifted, take your pick) writer, Tom Walmsley.

This will be my (hopefully long-awaited) stage-debut in Toronto. I’m fairly happy about that.

The play will feature myself along with the talents of Doghouse Riley co-founders, Stephen Chambers (my co-star from THE CORRIDOR) and Sandy Duarte, the 2011 Dora Award Winner for Outstanding Performance by a Female, in Doghouse Riley’s previous show, BLOOD. Our director is Jack Grinhaus (2011 Dora Award nominee for The Grace Project: SICK).

The play will be running from late March to mid-April at the Toronto Free Gallery (1277 Bloor St. West). Stay tuned for more info.

Photo by Dan Huziak.


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