I hope you like official information because I have a whole heap of it for you today! THE NUN’S VACATION, wherein I will be making my on-stage debut in Toronto, will open March 23rd and run until April 8th at The Toronto Free Gallery (1277 Bloor Street West – near Landsdowne subway station). See below:

The play features myself, 2011 Dora Award winner Sandy Duarte and Stephen Chambers, a fellow cast-mate from THE CORRIDOR, which will serendipitously be in theatres and On Demand all across North America on March 30th (click here for more info on IFC’s release of THE CORRIDOR). The play is being directed by Jack Grinhaus, and is written by Tom Walmsley.


Doghouse Riley Productions (founded by Duarte & Chambers) recently relaunched their website DHRProductions.com where you can find all the info you could ever want, like where you can purchase tickets right now. So go check that out, yo.

I’ve got a very good feeling about this production, so if you’re in Toronto from late March to early April, I really hope you’ll consider taking in this dirty, filthy, hilarious, and somehow oddly touching journey of THE NUN’S VACATION.

PS. I also designed the poster for THE NUN’S VACATION. You like?


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