It is a gosh-darn privilege to have my work return to Nova Scotian screens later this month as GRAVE CONCERNS plays FIN Atlantic International Film Festival.

Screenings (Shorts Program 3):
Saturday, Sept. 15, 3:30PM at Park Lane, Theatre 8
Tuesday, Sept. 18, 9:10PM at Park Lane, Theatre 2

The short, about two gravediggers (played by Tim Walker and Jeff Hanson) toiling away in the wild west, was originally shot as a web series proof-of-concept, but try as I might, I have thus far failed at getting the powers-that-be to fund this dark slapstick comedy beyond the pilot stage.

Be that as it may, I have far from given up on telling this story, so if you’re in Halifax for the festival, I cordially invite you to enjoy the first chapter.

Writer / Director / Editor: Glen Matthews
Producer: Adam Massey / Clark Stanley
Director of Photography: Mark Corless
Assistant Director: Steve Cutler
Wardrobe: Holly Lloyd
Title Design: Britt Edwards

Timothy Sellmeyer – Tim Walker
Clifton B. Pluck – Jeff Hanson
Old Man – Bob Nasmith
Dead 1 – Arthur Shain
Dead 2 – Petra O’Toole
Dead 3 – Jake Thurgood



In 2016, I watched Mark Duplass‘ SXSW keynote address, “The Cavalry Isn’t Coming“, and it immediately slapped me upside the head.

In the talk, Duplass rightfully points out that many of the obstacles facing filmmakers twenty years ago are now gone, and that there’s no excuse for filmmakers (especially up & coming) to not be kicking out content.

Twelve months later, I have written & directed four personal projects (GRAVE CONCERNS, SPACE MONKEY ORIGINS, WHITE SAVIOR, & RED BULL 30 YEARS); as well as a handful of commercial content, including my very first nationally televised spot, for Curling Canada (watch). Hoorah.

It’s been a whirlwind year, which I’m supremely thankful for. Sincerely, thank you to everyone who helped make this last year my best one yet. Much love. ❤

Happy new year, folks. Check out the 2018 demo, yo:



Ladies & gentlemen! My holiday gift to you: my very first feature film screenplay, WRESTLE ISLAND (PDF download), which tells the story of a small maritime island being invaded by an army of professional wrestlers.

Another gift: I teamed up with illustrator-extraordinaire, James Edward Clark, to help bring a few scenes from the script to life:

So why am I just dumping this thing onto the internet?

This film stands very little chance of ever getting made due to the many, many millions of dollars that it would likely cost to pull it off — this is essentially the film I would make if Hollywood ever gave me a blank cheque to go shoot a movie in Nova Scotia.

As such, I’d very much love to share this script with anyone out there who’s interested enough to read it. I think I cooked up something fun here and I hope you agree.


Happy reading & happy holidays, y’all.

Wrestle forever. ❤



Earlier this year, through a random late night Google binge, I discovered that Red Bull was founded in Austria in 1987. I found it interesting that the youthful brand had been around for so long and I immediately began brainstorming ideas for a 30-second spec ad that combined those two opposing elements (age with vitality) while celebrating Red Bull’s 30 years in business.

Red Bull. Giving wings (to you & yours) for 30 years.

Writer / Director – Glen Matthews (
Director of Photography – Mat J. Barkley (
Production Design – Alexis DeBad (
Gaffer – Graeme Everett
Audio Technician – Adam T. Burke (
Hughie – Bob Nasmith
Ruth – Razie Brownstone



Thanks to my friends at Clark Stanley Inc., I had the pleasure of travelling to Regina, Saskatchewan last month to direct a series of promos for Curling Canada’s upcoming Season of Champions.

As such, I’d like to share with you today, my very first national television spot (they grow up so fast) for the upcoming Roar of the Rings in Ottawa.

We shot a mountain of content over the span of a few days, including the third season of ON THE BUTTON (one part athlete interview & one part “Between Two Ferns”), starring Curling Canada’s trusty time-travelling spokesperson, Angus McStone (as seen in ROAR), as well as some promos with prairie royalty: former Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Yes, they are big. And yes, I am small.

Shout-out to Director of Photography, Jason George ( for making the pictures pretty and for introducing me to authentic Korean BBQ.

Another shout-out to photographer David Stewart ( for capturing me in my furrowed-brow element (above).

That’s all for now, more to come!


Here’s a quick #TBT clip from 2013, where I was raising funds for my pro-rasslin’ short film, SAVING FACE, by having real-life rasslers toss me around the ring.

The clips were individually released as we hit specific fundraising goals. Ultimately, we reached our target of $2,000 and completed one of IndieGoGo’s most sadistic campaigns ever. 👍👍