RED BULL 30 YEARS (2017) – Spec Ad
Celebrating Red Bull’s years in business, this 30-second spec-ad features a gray-haired couple in their quaint living-room, screaming at each other at the top of their lungs until they pass out from exhaustion — only to be revived and reenergized by their trusty Red Bulls.

SPACE MONKEY ORIGINS (2017) – Short film
In the name of science, the Canadian Space Agency sent thousands of chimpanzees on ill-fated voyages to the stars. Not even science could explain what happened next… [MORE INFO]

GRAVE CONCERNS (2017) – Web series pilot
Two men attempt to leave behind a troubled past by toiling away in the Wild West, working in the booming business of gravedigging. 

WHITE SAVIOR (2017) – Short film
The film is a commentary on the state of being “woke” (ie. socially conscious) in today’s society, and how certain people, or brands, can easily claim woke-ness in the public’s eye, but their motivations are actually kinda self-serving.

ROOM SERVICE (2012) – Short film
A woman confronts her husband’s mistress with unexpected results. [MORE INFO]_

SAVING FACE (2014) – Short film
With the world watching, a mild-mannered pro-wrestler transforms into what he’s always fought against: the bad guy. [MORE INFO]


LIBERALS 2015 (2015) – Short film
This politically-charged short film was made in response to the Nova Scotian Liberals’ plans to drastically reduce the province’s Film Tax Credit. [MORE INFO]