gc-fm-001GRAVE CONCERNS (2018) is a comedic pilot for a web series that I wrote & directed; I’m currently on the hunt for funds to produce the full series.

Two men attempt to leave behind a troubled past by toiling away in the Wild West, working in the booming business of gravedigging.

There’s not much more I can share at this point, but feel free to parous this blog post that offers a few more details about the project:

Writer / Director / Editor: Glen Matthews
Producer: Adam Massey / Clark Stanley
Director of Photography: Mark Corless
Assistant Director: Steve Cutler
Wardrobe: Holly Lloyd
Title Design: Britt Edwards

Timothy Sellmeyer – Tim Walker
Clifton B. Pluck – Jeff Hanson
Old Man – Bob Nasmith
Dead 1 – Arthur Shain
Dead 2 – Petra O’Toole
Dead 3 – Jake Thurgood

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