Earlier this year, through a random late night Google binge, I discovered that Red Bull was founded in Austria in 1987. I found it interesting that the youthful brand had been around for so long and I immediately began brainstorming ideas for a 30-second spec ad that combined those two opposing elements (age with vitality) while celebrating Red Bull’s 30 years in business.

Red Bull. Giving wings (to you & yours) for 30 years.

Writer / Director – Glen Matthews (
Director of Photography – Mat J. Barkley (
Production Design – Alexis DeBad (
Gaffer – Graeme Everett
Audio Technician – Adam T. Burke (
Hughie – Bob Nasmith
Ruth – Razie Brownstone




Thanks to my friends at Clark Stanley Inc., I had the pleasure of travelling to Regina, Saskatchewan last month to direct a series of promos for Curling Canada’s upcoming Season of Champions.

As such, I’d like to share with you today, my very first national television spot (they grow up so fast) for the upcoming Roar of the Rings in Ottawa.

We shot a mountain of content over the span of a few days, including the third season of ON THE BUTTON (one part athlete interview & one part “Between Two Ferns”), starring Curling Canada’s trusty time-travelling spokesperson, Angus McStone (as seen in ROAR), as well as some promos with prairie royalty: former Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Yes, they are big. And yes, I am small.

Shout-out to Director of Photography, Jason George ( for making the pictures pretty and for introducing me to authentic Korean BBQ.

Another shout-out to photographer David Stewart ( for capturing me in my furrowed-brow element (above).

That’s all for now, more to come!


Here’s a quick #TBT clip from 2013, where I was raising funds for my pro-rasslin’ short film, SAVING FACE, by having real-life rasslers toss me around the ring.

The clips were individually released as we hit specific fundraising goals. Ultimately, we reached our target of $2,000 and completed one of IndieGoGo’s most sadistic campaigns ever. 👍👍



We shot Friday morning and I spent my weekend slumped over a laptop (I have very poor posture) and I’m pretty dang happy with the result.

The film is a commentary on the state of being “woke” (ie. socially conscious) in today’s society, and how certain people, or brands, can easily claim woke-ness in the public’s eye, but their motivations are actually kinda slimy and self-serving.

To an extent, I see this in myself, and I hate it. There’s tons of organizations whose beliefs I am fully behind and I’ve never given them anything more than a Like on Facebook.

I hope this film can inspire people, myself included, to actually do something to help a cause / organization that they believe in. And no, holding a door doesn’t count.

And no, holding the door doesn’t count.

Written, directed & edited by myself, shot by Byron Kutchera (demo reel), featuring Dave Martineau & Naomi-Joy Blackhall.

Thanks for watching, yo. 🏄



In the name of science, the Canadian Space Agency sent thousands of chimpanzees on ill-fated voyages to the stars. Not even science could explain what happened next…

This project was the most fun I’ve ever had making films. Honestly, if I could pair up with awesome pro-wrestlers to make kickass origin stories for the rest of my life, I would be a very happy man.

Growing up, my dream was to become a professional wrestler, so working together with Space Monkey, a wrestler whose work I legitimately love, has been a tremendous privilege for this lifelong rasslin’ fan.

Please enjoy. ❤

Stills courtesy of Britt Edwards:

Space Monkey – Confidential
The Scientist – Dan Sanderson
Voiceover – Jake Thurgood

Glen Matthews – Writer / Director / Editor
Mark Corless – Director of Photography
Steve Cutler – Assistant Director / Steadycam Op.
Adam T. Burke – Audio Technician
Petra O’Toole – Production Assistant
Britt Edwards – Set Stills
Brendan Henry – Visual Composition
Nathan Boone – Assistant Editor
Alina Sechkin – Pixel Art
Werner Mueck – Space Monkey Illustration
Featuring “Horse Blood” by Judge Bitch
& Original Score by Jason O’Brien
Thanks to Adam Massey, Tim Corrigan, Matt Sutherland, Landon Morris & Eric Konecne