Whoa! I got a phone call from my lady-friend earlier this morning asking if I happened to stumble upon The Coast’s (Halifax’s Weekly Newspaper) Best-Of Awards. Turns out I’ve been named 1st Runner-Up for Halifax’s favourite Film/Television Actor by the readers of The Coast!

Who’s number one? It appears that Halifax has a certain affection for John Dunsworth (Mr. Lahey from THE TRAILER PARK BOYS, and most recently Dave Teagues on HAVEN), winning his third title in four years. I also happen to have an affection and admiration for the man, so I am perfectly content and honored with my runner-up position.

Also in the winner’s circle is three films I’ve worked on: the Best Film award went to HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, while the 1st runner-up went to ROLLER TOWN, and 2nd runner-up was THE CORRIDOR (the only one of the three that is actually finished).

I was completely taken aback by this. Honestly. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, and to The Coast for hosting such a wonderful and legitimate forum of celebrating the many varied and talented folks who live in (or are FROM!) Halifax.

Check out the full list of awesome folks over @


Once Upon an Evening of Short Plays

UPDATED (June 16,2010-3:22pm): Kristin Slaney & Lesley Smith will be live on’s morning talk-show HALIFIX tomorrow, Thursday, June 17th at 9:00am discussing next week’s evening of short plays! Tune in!

I am oh-so pleased to announce my participation in ONCE UPON AN EVENING OF SHORT PLAYS next Wednesday, June 23rd, 8:00pm at Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen St).

Who likes long plays? Pfft Not me!

The evening will include 7 or 8 short plays (10 minute maximum for each) written by members of Once Upon A Theatre Collective, the lovely folks who brought you the award-winning & heart-warming “11:11“. I will excitedly be taking part in 2 or 3 of the short plays showcased (forgive my vagueness, details are still being ironed out).

Proceeds will go towards funding Once Upon A Theatre Collective‘s next production (TBA) in July.

To reserve tickets, Email:
Facebook Link:

Check out the 11:11 Remount!

Looking to some really fantastic theatre? I’m gonna go right ahead and assume your response is ‘yes’!

Fresh of the heels of their incredibly well received performance at the Liverpool International Theatre Festival, Once Upon A Theatre Collective is remounting 11:11 in Halifax (originally ran during the 2009 Atlantic Fringe).

Really, it is such a wonderful show! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show meant for all ages, which manages to hit such a perfect balance without alienating neither young or old.

Just see it, would ya’?

The showtimes are Tuesday May 25th at 6pm & 8pm, and Wednesday May 26th at 6pm & 8pm at the Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen St.), and tickets are $10.

E-mail to reserve yourself a seat (specify amount of seats desired).

PS. I made the poster. Pretty hot, eh?

Facebook Event:

“The Top Dog” Online!

Hey people, great news, straight from the Disney Vault and available online for your viewing pleasure is Evan Elliot‘s The Top Dog, starring myself as Russell, a young man who has his comfortable dead-end life of couch surfing, home cooking and free laundry threatened by a new enemy.


This was the first film I was in that was screened in front of an audience, I remember chugging rum in the NSCAD bathroom before the screening to ease my nerves– I don’t remember much from that screening, but I believe people enjoyed it.

After that, it was screened at the Atlantic Film Festival, when, moments before it started, one of the AFF volunteers informed us that the disk had been scratched and was having some “complications”– what followed was essentially a slideshow of pixelated garbage and a headache. The original run time of 24 minutes had been dragged out close to 30 minutes. Brutal. However, the AFF offered to screen our short on another night, and that went swimmingly! I’m hoping your viewing experience is on the pleasurable side of things!

Make a sandwich and enjoy the damned movie!

Vodpod videos no longer available. THE TOP DOG –
DIRECTOR: Evan Elliot
WRITER: Evan Elliot
CAST: Glen Matthews, Alison Miur, Andrew Elliot, Mojo Widgery, Robert Single
PRODUCER: Evan Elliot
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Dan Jardine, Greg Boone