I’m pleased as punch to launch HAPPY FROWNY DESIGN & MEDIA, an array of services that I will offer specifically tailored towards artists. Services include: graphic design, website design, editing, etc.; providing an affordable option to artists looking for promotional assistance.

The website ( has been launched and I cordially invite you to come give it a look, and shoot me a line if you have any questions! Do that.

Hooray for small business ownership!


Final Blush Response Poster

Ian Burns has created the final poster for his short film BLUSH RESPONSE, which stars Cheryl Hann along with my-friendly-self. Catch a screening this Thursday at Empire Park Lane 8 at 6:30 along with an awesome lineup of other NSCAD Thesis films.

Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details, and more awesome posters from the short films being shown!

Water Walk Poster

Hey folks, I wanted to throw this up on here. I just finished creating a poster for a charity event called Water Walk, which will be raising funds to help those in less fortunate areas of the world to get access to clean water. It’s a 10km relay, so get some friends together, get some pledges, and help out!

For registration or more info, contact Heather at

Updated Poster: 11:11

Glen Matthews and The Coast agree: “11:11” is recommended for your viewing pleasure.

The Coast has posted their glowing review of “11:11” on their website, which you can view by clicking HERE. Simple enough! Below, is the poster, updated to include The Coast’s all-powerful opinion…

YOU have seven more magical chances to check out this wonderful show!…

Sunday 6th 3:10 PM AND 7:30 PM
7th 2:20 PM
Tuesday 8th 7:20 PM
Thursday 10th 7:20 PM
Saturday 12th 8:00 PM
Sunday 13th 3:40 PM

Facebook event page for “11:11”.

Design: In Pink

Left Foot First Productions has commissioned my ass to produce a poster for their upcoming Fall tour of IN PINK. Have a gander below…


Odd thing to note: once I completed the poster, I did some Googling of Left Foot First for some contact info, and I came across the old poster for In Pink, which was created by super awesome local illustrator Mike Holmes, and I was shocked to find that both posters featured a clothesline theme…


Weird, right? …I swear I didn’t plagiarize!