A few weeks back, I borrowed a friend’s camera to familiarize myself a bit more with camera-operation — I ended up following my beautiful mini-dachshund Wren [AKA Wrenegade AKA @Wren.TheWeenie] around for the day.

I didn’t really have any ideas for what I could do with the footage until I heard this vintage French culture / music mixtape by Starfunkel:

Anyways, the end product, RETURN TO PARIS, is a tribute to my beautiful furry friend, and I hope very much that you enjoy it:



“The Top Dog” Online!

Hey people, great news, straight from the Disney Vault and available online for your viewing pleasure is Evan Elliot‘s The Top Dog, starring myself as Russell, a young man who has his comfortable dead-end life of couch surfing, home cooking and free laundry threatened by a new enemy.


This was the first film I was in that was screened in front of an audience, I remember chugging rum in the NSCAD bathroom before the screening to ease my nerves– I don’t remember much from that screening, but I believe people enjoyed it.

After that, it was screened at the Atlantic Film Festival, when, moments before it started, one of the AFF volunteers informed us that the disk had been scratched and was having some “complications”– what followed was essentially a slideshow of pixelated garbage and a headache. The original run time of 24 minutes had been dragged out close to 30 minutes. Brutal. However, the AFF offered to screen our short on another night, and that went swimmingly! I’m hoping your viewing experience is on the pleasurable side of things!

Make a sandwich and enjoy the damned movie!

Vodpod videos no longer available. THE TOP DOG –
DIRECTOR: Evan Elliot
WRITER: Evan Elliot
CAST: Glen Matthews, Alison Miur, Andrew Elliot, Mojo Widgery, Robert Single
PRODUCER: Evan Elliot
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Dan Jardine, Greg Boone

The Love of Letters

A few weeks back, I got a call from Jeff Wheaton who said he was shooting a bit of an experimental short film for an art exhibit at Argyle Fine Art (1869 Upper Water Street) called The Love of Letters. We shot the film in one day and it’s now being shown. The exhibit actually started yesterday and will run until (and including) Monday. Check it out!


This show involved the community and was in the works many months ago, when we asked for the general public to send us letters. Selected letters were then given to 17 artists including painters, ceramic artists, a musician and even a filmmaker. Come see the final results and the letters that inspired it all. Participating artists include: Mike Holmes, Ryan MacGrath, Ruth Marsh, Peter Kirby, Audrey Nichols, Pamela Marie Pierce , Peter Diamond, Nick Brunt, Teresa Bergen, Trevor Van den Eiynden, Gordon MacDonald, Susan Malmstrom, Stephen Gillis, Brian Porter, Jeff Wheaton, Crystal Ross and Brandt Eisner.

An example of one of the works included is an illustration by local cartoonist Mike Holmes


I’m not sure if Wheaton plans on releasing the film online or not, so go see it!