I don’t know when I’m not happy to announce my involvement in a project, but today I am ecstatic to tell you that I’m on board for Josh MacDonald‘s (screenwriter of THE CORRIDOR) directorial debut short film, GAME.

Set to shoot this weekend, I’ll be joining the supremely talented cast which includes Andrea Lee Norwood, Pasha Ebrahimi (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN), and Michael McPhee (my co-star and the creator of LOGAN AND I).

At the time being, details that I can share are slim. For now, please check out the gorgeous new poster from James White AKA Signalnoise (creator of such film-related graphic gems as the HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN logo, as well as the TREEVENGE logo)…

Head on over to to see the poster in all it’s glory.

Josh has an absolutely brilliant mind when it comes to storytelling, and I’m more than honoured to be joining him on his first adventure into directing (first of many to come, guaranteed). More to come.



I am so very honoured to share with you the fact that I have been nominated for Theatre Nova Scotia’s Robert Merritt Award in the category of Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor for my involvement in LOGAN AND I. Wow.

Honestly, this is such an honour for me. The Merritts are voted on by a committee of artists involved in the arts community, which makes this so very special to me. Thank you.

Theatre Nova Scotia’s Executive Director Chris Shore announced the nominees on CBC’s program Mainstreet earlier today. In the acting categories (sorry, I couldn’t type up all of the rest, I hope they’ll be online soon) the nominees are…

Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor
-Anthony Black, Invisible Atom, 2B Theatre
-Glen Matthews, Logan and I, Doppler Effect
-Michael McPhee, Fat Pig, Plutonium Playhouse
-Graham Percy, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-Robert Seale, The Woman in Black, Valley Summer

Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress
-Deb Allen, Cloudburst, Plutonium Playhouse
-Mary Colin Chisholm, Woman & the Scarecrow, Luna Sea
-Susan Leblanc, Five Easy Steps, Zuppa
-Jennifer Overton, Fall in Paris, Eastern Front
-Jackie Torrens, Seven Stories, Neptune

Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress
-Jessica Barry, Fat Pig, Plutonium
-Burgandy Code, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-Amy Reitsma, Julius Caesar, Dapopo
-Sherry Smith, Woman & the Scarecrow, Luna Sea
-Susan Stackhouse, Rabbit Hole, Neptune

Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor
-John Beale, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-John Dart, Merlin, Halifax Theatre/Young People
-Ryan Doucette, Cloudburst, Plutonium
-Matthew Lumley, Fat Pig, Plutonium
-Scott Owen, Twelfth Night, Shakespeare by the Sea

Big huge congrats to my LOGAN AND I fellow-performer Michael McPhee for his nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor for FAT PIG, and for LOGAN AND I’s nomination for Best New Play (so happy for this one), and to my frequent collaborator/long-time friend Jessica Barry, nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress in FAT PIG.
Congratulations to everyone; I’m so happy to be acknowledged along with so many people who I know and admire. Fantastic.

The Merritt Awards ( take place March 28th, 8pm at Alderney Landing Theatre.


Call me a geek if you like, but I always get a kick out of seeing who I share a page with, be it in newspapers, magazines, or film festival guides. Well today’s review of LOGAN AND I brings the novel experience of sharing a page with Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon… I’m on their heels.

Enough of my self-centered tendencies (he says as he writes his blog), today’s Chronicle Herald featured a review of LOGAN AND I by Elissa Barnard. Read below for an excerpt from “An honest look at male sexuality and friendship“…

McPhee is charming, chatty and totally emphatic as Dezzy. Logan as a cold, unlikable character is the more difficult role and Glen Matthews nails it. He makes Logan very realistic, vulnerable even, as he is mean and manipulative.

There are no easy answers at the end of Logan and I. How you react to the play will depend on your gender and sexuality.

As a woman, I find the boys’ talk about women distasteful but I recognize it as realistic.

As a human being, regardless of gender, I recognize the complexities in intense friendship as true.

The way McPhee starts with the innocence of playing imaginary battles with Transformers and carries the metaphor throughout the play is quite brilliant.

Read the entire article over @

Another review, beautifully written by Daniel MacKay of GayHalifax explains perfectly why this is such a rewarding story to tell…

The play was flawlessly presented. For me it was like running a finger over an old scar, and keenly remembering the pain, and exactly how you got the wound.

The full review is available @

That’s all for now, there’s still three more chances for you to catch LOGAN AND I at the Bus Stop Theatre! Tonight at 8pm, tomorrow (Pay-What-You-Can performance) at 2pm, and our final show at 8pm Saturday night. Email to reserve tickets. Here’s the link to the Facebook event page:



Today’s new-edition of The Coast (Halifax’s weekly newspaper) features a story written by Kate Watson on the LOGAN AND I re-mount set to take place in 6 days (December 15th).

In the article, my LOGAN AND I co-star Michael McPhee had some really wonderful things to say about me…

“I’m really glad that we could do the show again with Glen, because I can see that he is on the verge of being a really big Canadian film guy,” says McPhee. “He’s got a kind of Gary Oldman, chameleon quality going, and if you see his work on The Corridor,”—-a 2010 horror film shot locally and written by Josh MacDonald—-“you’ll know pretty soon it’s going to be next to impossible to snag any of his time.”

Sadly, the entire article isn’t about me (dear god, please know that I’m being sarcastic). McPhee goes on in the article to say that he feels he never quite hit that “one perfect show” that every actor strives for during a run, and I must admit feeling the same way.

I won’t beg you, but I will strongly suggest you come see this show that I am so proud to be a part of. Honestly, after talking to people in the community who’ve seen the show, this has been one of the most rewarding projects I’ve worked on in my [short] career.

Logan and I runs December 15-18, 8pm, with a 2pm PWYC matinee on December 18. Tickets are $15-$20, available through

Read the full Coast story over @

PS. Isn’t that a clever title? Good work, Coast people!


Ripped from The Chronicle Herald’s website @

Logan and I a tale of transformation
Play written by Halifax’s Michael McPhee opens Queer Act fest
By ANDREA NEMETZ Entertainment Reporter
Sun. Jul 18 – 4:52 AM

IF ONE of the characters in Logan and I, a play premiering Tuesday at the Queer Acts Theatre Festival, is accused of giving a plastic performance, it won’t be a lie.

Glen Matthews, who plays Logan, and Michael McPhee, as Dezzy, think Megatron — the leader of the evil Decepticons from the popular Transformers universe of toys, comics, TV and movies — could be a third character. “The Megatron character is integral to the play,” McPhee says.

In fact, the play’s producers, The Doppler Effect, a new theatre company founded by McPhee and Annie Valentina, have spent a lot of time and money on eBay tracking down a Transformers collection. (McPhee’s mother gave his away.)

Megatron alone cost $100 and has his own screwdriver to tighten all his screws after each rehearsal.

“We’re very hard on our toys,” jokes McPhee, who wrote the play about two boys growing up in the 1980s, one affluent and one from the wrong side of the tracks.

“It’s a look at what it was like to grow up in the ’80s, the first generation that was marketed to through cartoons. It went from Bugs Bunny to how can we sell toys to these kids?

“They go through sexual discovery together, which is something all boys do, straight or gay, and that completely flips the power dynamic. One boy ends up being gay and falling in love with the other, and the other goes on a downward spiral. It’s a journey, a story of friendship and unrequited love, a fast, funny and heart-touching tale.”

The coming-of-age story opens Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen St., Halifax.

The age range of the characters is eight to mid-30s but focuses on their time in school up to Grade 12.

Logan and I is the first play McPhee has written by himself  that has been produced.

He co-wrote In Pink with Andria Wilson and starred in that play, based on the true story of two Grade 12 students in the Annapolis Valley who stood up for a bullied Grade 9 student by getting as many students as they could to wear pink shirts. In Pink, which debuted at Eastern Front Theatre’s SuperNova Theatre Festival in 2008 and did three provincial tours, was mentored by Scott Burke, who directs Logan and I.

“I’ve put In Pink to rest now, I feel I’m too old to play a 17-year-old, but I hope other people pick it up,” says McPhee, who looks at least a decade younger than his 34 years.

Matthews, a 24-year-old Lunenburg native now based in Halifax, is excited to play Logan.

“He’s one of those people who has the cards stacked against him with everything in life and it doesn’t take much for him to go down the wrong road. He makes a lot of bad choices. It’s a very off-type character for me, which is something I’m looking forward to.”

The graduate of Park View Education Centre in Bridgewater went on to study in Neptune Theatre’s pre-professional training program and is excited to be back onstage after a big year in film.

Matthews had a principal role in Moby Dick, the US$25.5 million TV miniseries filmed in Nova Scotia and Malta last year. It stars Academy Award winner William Hurt, Ethan Hawke, Gillian Anderson, Donald Sutherland and Billy Boyd.

He was also in The Corridor, a film from Halifax writer Josh MacDonald, directed by Evan Kelly and filmed in Canning this winter. He describes it as “The Shining meets The Thing.”

McPhee, who graduated from Cole Harbour District High School and went on to study science at Saint Mary’s University, has also had a big year onscreen. He just wrapped Cloudburst, Thom Fitzgerald’s feature film about two aging lesbians who run away to Nova Scotia to get married. The film stars Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker.

McPhee plays a policeman who butts heads with Dukakis, an Oscar winner he calls “the best person I’ve met in the industry, down to earth and understated. . . . She’s the business.”

He and Valentina are excited to debutLogan and I at the Queer Acts Theatre Festival.

McPhee says he’s grateful to Hugo Dann for coming up with the idea of the festival, now in its second year, and to Adam Reid for running it.

“It offers something unique in the theatre scene, the opportunity for those doing professional-level work to push the envelope,” he says.

“There’s a selective process to get in. The audience is built-in. They want queer themes and there’s a lot of great work being done within those themes.”



Hello internet lurkers! Welcome to the brand new blog! It’s fairly similar, only now it’s much prettier and therefore much better (this is how I value all things).

I’m so damn excited, I’m just going to share my enthusiasm and bits of news via futuristic video message!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Seriously, check out this podcast, especially if you’re an actor.

Anyways, I am very sleepy, I’m gonna go watch a Zac Efron flick– I bet you think I’m joking. I ain’t. Deal with it.

Logan And I

It’s been more than two and a half years since I toured with Neptune Theatre’s Young Company; two years since I did any form of theatre (unless you count my hilariously failed attempt at a stand-up routine). Well I’m back on the proverbial horse again because along with this week’s “ONCE UPON AN EVENING OF SHORT PLAYS” (Facebook link), I will soon be sauntering onto the stage in another production…

LOGAN AND I” will be The Doppler Effect’s (founded by Michael Mcphee & Annie Valentina) first show, and will be put on at The Bus Stop Theatre in late July during the Queer Acts Festival.

More info soon, but for now, check out the amazing poster put together by James “SignalNoise” White (…

James White is also responsible for the logos for HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN & TREEVENGE. Check out his blog, he has some really beautiful work!

I’ll have more info available soon, so stay tuned for LOGAN AND I in late July!