Just when you thought I was done yelling at you about our modestly budgeted, expectation-exceeding feature film, THE CORRIDOR, here I am…

To be honest, I thought that last month’s Video On Demand release would be the last of it, but I am oh so happy to be proven wrong. After a very successful run on VOD, our Canadian distributor D Films has decided that THE CORRIDOR is deserving of a limited theatrical run in Toronto.

Starting next Friday, May 18th at Projection Booth East (1035 Gerrard St. East), THE CORRIDOR will be running nightly at 9:00PM until at least the following Thursday, the 24th.

Given the choice between the cinema and a laptop, THE CORRIDOR is a film that really thrives on the cinematic and claustrophobic experience that a movie theatre can provide. So if you’re in Toronto, I highly suggest that you take this potentially-final opportunity to see this film on the big screen.

But whatever you do, don’t stop reading because the good folks over at Scene Creek have 5, count ’em, 5 double passes for the opening night screening, and you could win one of them! Head over to their website and tell them WHY YOU WANT TO SEE THE CORRIDOR for your chance to win! Contest deadline is May 15th at 11:59pm.

See you at the movies!

Update – 5/15/2012: Fangoria also now has tickets up for grabs for Friday’s premiere!



Foreword: the following entry is meant to be read as a companion piece to THE CORRIDOR and contains a few mild-spoilers. 

During the process of taking THE CORRIDOR around to film festivals and showing it to audiences, I learned very early on that my favourite part of the Q&A session was always when the conversation would inevitably turn to “So, what exactly is ‘the corridor’?”

We, the cast, along with our director Evan Kelly, and our writer Josh MacDonald were fortunate enough to have five days of rehearsals before we started shooting THE CORRIDOR. A lot of questions were answered, and a lot of the relationships were established. One afternoon though, Evan asked us all what we thought the corridor was. He and Josh allowed us to sputter on for a few minutes each, without applauding or disproving any theories. Evan said “Interesting”, and that was the last discussion we had.

We were never given the answer (which I’m thankful for), but instead were left to find our own fear of, and beauty within “the corridor”.

What I’d like to do today, is offer up my own interpretation of the corridor, not as any sort of definitive answer, but instead to start up a conversation among those of you who’ve seen the film, and offer up your own meaning…

One substantial ingredient to my theory comes from a seemingly silly internet video called “We Are All Connected” by Symphony of Science. Symphony of Science takes videos of famous quantum physicists (ie. Carl Sagan and Neil Tyson Degrasse) talking about many of the universe’s wonders, and they auto-tune their voices and add music to them. See below:

Pretty darn awesome, eh?

Aside from being fairly catchy, there are also some really staggering facts and theories lobbed around in there. The line that stuck with me the most, however, was Carl Sagan’s simple explanation for everything: “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself“.

In the film, David Patrick Flemming‘s character Chris says of the corridor “It’s a probe. It’s seeking.”

For me, once I combined these two pieces of information, I started to view the corridor as an evaluation process. This was the universe’s way of “checking in”, by sending this probe and seeing who it really was, as a sentient being.

The corridor connects those who connect with it (ie. Ev, played by Jim Gilbert, sitting on the snowmobile, hearing conversations in the airplane), it also intensifies their desires and their thoughts, illuminating their primal instincts, showing their true selves so that they can be judged by the universe.

Once it saw the truth (or at least the truth amongst these five men): the pain they caused each other, the jealousy, the unhappiness, it didn’t like what it was seeing and decided to do away with them, in an act of disgust.

The probe moved forward, and would continue to move forward, towards the city, until it could find something in itself that it found to be admirable. It was Tyler’s (played by Stephen Chambers) sacrifice at the end of the film that the corridor AKA the universe found to be noble, and as a result, it stopped seeking.

Are you still with me? I feel like I may have scared a few of you off.

Now as I said, this is in no way a definitive answer, and as we learned a few days ago with Matt Groening revealing that the Springfield from THE SIMPSONS is in Oregon, definitive answers are no fun.

Now that I’ve shown you mine, please show me your theories of what exactly the corridor from THE CORRIDOR is

THE CORRIDOR is available now on Video On Demand in Canada via Bell VOD, iTunes, Sony, Xbox, Cogeco, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, Shaw VOD, Telus, VCC, Videotron, Google, RODO and in America on IFC On Demand, iTunes and others.


The “long road” to film distribution, when it comes to independent filmmaking, can sometimes feel like a transcontinental flight, and this is certainly one of those cases.

After two years of doing the rounds at some of the globe’s premiere genre film festivals, I am thrilled (thrilled, I tells ya!) to announce that THE CORRIDOR, the feature film in which I have a lead role, is now available to my fellow countrymen here in Canada (also now in the USA), through various Video On Demand services…

Available in Canada via  iTunes, Sony (PS3), Xbox, Bell VOD, Cogeco, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, Shaw VOD, Telus, VCC, Videotron, Google, RODO.

I am damn proud of this film, which can be described as THE BIG CHILL meets THE THING, so I hope that you’ll give our modestly-budgeted, overly-ambitious film, a chance. This is probably what it feels like to have a child go off to school for the first time. Be nice to my child, my slightly-twisted, sci-fi/drama hybrid child.

A quick round-up of THE CORRIDOR’s reviews, stolen from Matt Singer at IndieWire:

Ryland AldrichTwitch:
“A taut thriller that wraps the audience in a blanket of paranoia without falling victim to the cliches that plague so many cabin-in-the-woods horrors.”

Scott WeinbergFEARnet:
“‘The Corridor’ may borrow themes and ideas from a handful of disparate sources, but in the end it all comes together with care and craftsmanship, and the result is one of the coolest Canadian chillers in years.”

James McCormickThe Criterion Cast:
“This is definitely a horror film that should be watched with the lights low, with a few friends that you would hopefully go away to a cabin in the woods and not kill.”

Travis KeuneWe Are Movie Geeks:
“Seamlessly blends human drama with science fiction, psychological and visceral horror, and even a touch of metaphysical philosophy for one of the more mesmerizing but accessibly cerebral films I’ve seen in years.”

Cole AbaiusFilm School Rejects:
“The story then goes off the deep end, but only slightly off the rails.”

Please let me know what you think of the film, if you catch it!

Update – April 9, 2012: THE CORRIDOR was iTunes’ #1 Horror film rental of the past week! I’m trying to play it cool right now, but there’s no way that’s happening.


Photo: Director Evan Kelly, Writer Josh MacDonald, and Producer Mike Masters introduce a sold-out screening of THE CORRIDOR Friday night at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. Photo by Jack Plunkett.

Update (Oct. 2, 2011): THE CORRIDOR plays Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Wednesday, October 26th, 7:00pm at the Toronto Underground Cinema.

With four out of the five ensemble cast members living in Toronto, we couldn’t be more excited with THE CORRIDOR‘s inclusion in the 6th annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival! The fest, which runs from October 20th to the 27th is Toronto’s predominant source for horror, sci-fi, action & cult-movies.

Recently playing the world-renowned genre film festivals Fantastic Fest (Austin, Texas), and Fantasia Film Festival (Montreal), THE CORRIDOR has been collecting an incredible amount of momentum…

  • At Fantastic Fest, Josh MacDonald won us the Best Screenplay award (in the “New Wave” category).
  • At Fantasia we took home the audience award for “Best Canadian Feature Film”.
  • Lately we’ve been receiving fantastic (very punny, Glen) reviews from Film School Rejects, The Criterion Cast, Sound on Sight, and — one of my favourite film critics/tweeters — Fearnet‘s Scott Weinberg who called THE CORRIDOR “one of the coolest Canadian chillers in years.”
Just because, here’s a couple photos of myself and THE CORRIDOR’s star, Stephen Chambers in Sudbury at Cinefest on Saturday night…

This Cinefest volunteer photo-bombed the crap out of us. Shame was experienced on our behalf.

Myself and Stephen hosting a lengthy Q&A after the screening. A big thanks to all the folks at Cinefest for having us, and also bringing us to your nickel mine.
More news to come shortly regarding the Toronto screening. I think it’s safe to say that I will keep you posted when more details emerge.


People of Sudbury, would you like a chance to rub shoulders with two of the stars from the breakout, festival-darling film, THE CORRIDOR? Well, we won’t rub your shoulders –that would be really weird– but myself and Stephen Chambers will be hosting a Q&A after the film’s screening this Saturday, the 24th, 10:30pm at SilverCity Sudbury!

THE CORRIDOR fits perfectly into Cinefest Sudbury’s “Curfew Breaker” series, which highlights genre films. Aint It Cool News calls it “one of the most terrifying new films of the year”, so come on out and see the damn thing so I can stop yelling at you.

Myself and Mr. Chambers’ visit to Cinefest Sudbury isn’t the only time to see the film with members of the creative team; as I mentioned last week, Director Evan Kelly and Writer Josh MacDonald will be in attendance for Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX (Sept. 23rd & 25th). Also, Matt Amyotte, who played Bobcat in the film, will be hosting the film and answering questions October 2 at Dark Bridges in Saskatoon.

Note: The photo above is not actually from the future. It was taken in July at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal by Isabelle Stephen.

Note 2: Myself and Stephen would like to apologize for both wearing white v-neck t-shirts at Fantasia, and we promise to collaborate on any and all future wardrobe arrangements.


We are one-exciting-week away from THE CORRIDOR‘s Austin, Texas premiere at the 2011 Fantastic Fest!

Fresh off of claiming it’s “Best Canadian Feature Film” Audience Award at Montreal’s Fantasia Fest, and being called “one of the coolest Canadian chillers in years” by Mr. Scott Weinberg (FearNet link), THE CORRIDOR is looking to hit the ground running in Austin.

The film plays twice: Friday, September 23rd, 5:45 pm at the Alamo Lamar Theatre 6, and Sunday, September 25th, 11:45 am at the Alamo Lamar Theatre 2.

Know anyone in or headed to Fantastic Fest? You damn well better spread the word or else I’ll send a weird, inexplicable, force-field (also known as a “corridor”) to come mess your life up.

Check out the trailer below and visit THE CORRIDOR’s page on the Fantastic Fest website for all other info!


Recently dubbed one of the Top 10 Podcasts for filmmakers to listen to by Movie Maker Magazine, SOUND ON SIGHT Radio caught up with THE CORRIDOR in Montreal at Fantasia Fest, and had this to say on their airwaves (podwaves?)…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To listen to the entire episode, which includes an extensive interview with THE CORRIDOR’s screenwriter Josh MacDonald, check out the following link…

Big thanks to Ricky D and Justine Smith for their kind words, as well as the rest of the Sound on Sight team for featuring Canadian films prominently in their coverage. Well done, chaps.

Please check out the Sound on Sight website @ and also give them a listen on iTunes!