There you have it! Here (above) is the first still frame of myself as Gabe in Josh MacDonald‘s directorial debut, GAME, playing Saturday, September 15th as part of Atlantic Shorts 3! More screening info here.

Earlier this week, myself and Vanessa Walton-Bone, star of my short film ROOM SERVICE (playing the Atlantic Film Fest on the 18th), headed into the Haligonia studio to talk about our film…

Be sure to keep up to date with ROOM SERVICE on Facebook and Twitter as we should have some festival news to announce in the coming weeks.

Finally, The Atlantic Fringe Festival is currently upon us! I designed the poster for my dear friend, Kristin Slaney‘s BLUE MOONS & WAITING ROOMS (see below).

As of today, you still have four more opportunities to see the play and I highly, highly recommend that you do so.

One more bit of Fringe Fest fun: I’m performing as part of 7 DEADLY SINS: FROMMERS GUIDE TO HELL, written by Thom Fitzgerald. It’s an immersive, sight-specific theatre experiment where audience members encounter all of the seven sins, one by one. Tell ’em Greed sent ye’.

Click here for full Fringe schedule / info.

That’s all for now. My apologies for throwing a whole slew of info at you in one post, but this twenty minutes I’m taking to write this is just about the only “down time” I’ve had since returning to Halifax. I am blissfully exhausted. Onward!


Hello there, Haligonia!

For everyone who already frequents my blog, my blog is now featured on, a local website that features all sorts of local content, which is pretty damn’d awesome if I may say so myself. I am thrilled to welcome a whole new fleet of Haligonians to the wonderful world of Glen Matthews.

And now, to welcome said fleet.

Every good blog (and let me tell you, my blog is effing awesome) has a general theme. This blawg’s theme is me, The Glen Matthews. But what do I do? I am an actor! Fun, right? SO the purpose of this blog is to invite you to follow me in my various exploits in the film industry!

This is my headshot. I like it, it covers up my self-loathing very well!

Most notably, I worked on MOBY DICK, featuring Ethan Hawk, William Hurt, Gillian Anderson, and a bunch of other actors who are much prettier than me (click here for blog entries regarding Moby Dick). A couple of weeks ago, I worked on Cory Bowles‘ second short film RIGHTEOUS, which of course, I blogged about. Last year, I went to Sundance Film Festival with the short film TREEVENGE (blogged the entire adventure to Park City, Utah here) directed by Jason Eisener, who is currently in pre-production for his first major motion picture HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, to be shot here in the Spring.

Impressed? You shouldn’t be, it’s merely a series of lucky encounters & mind-blowing coincidences that make quantum physics look like a set of building blocks.

You can check out my page on Facebook ( where you can watch plenty of videos of me doing things, and determine whether or not you can tolerate me enough to become a fan of mine. I implore you to do so, it improves your life!

All that I hope to do is offer a definitive timeline to accompany my raise to fame & riches (lots of riches), and my inevitable battle with Ellen Page for Halifax’s affection. I invite you to follow my adventures in the film & theatre industries and live your life vicariously through mine.


PS. This entry was riddled with truthy sarcasm. The worst kind.

PSS. Seriously, please like me.