There are only six opportunities remaining to catch the double bill of IN THE FALL and IN THIS WORLD!

A few things I must bring up…

Firstly, this is not me trying to guilt you into coming to my show, IN THE FALL has been perhaps the most challenging piece I’ve ever worked on. The end result is something that I’m incredibly proud of and want to share with as many people (especially my peers within the theatre and film industries) as possible.

Second, while the company is called Halifax Theatre for Young People, both of it’s founders, Tessa Mendel and Chris Heide admit that these two one-act plays are not exclusively for youth. I promise you will not be forced to sing-along or watch some Doodle-Bops rip off. These are intense, personal stories that treat their audience (young and old) with respect.

Thirdly, I’ve heard a few of my friends grumble about the fact that the play is in Dartmouth (Alderney Landing), but getting there is nowhere near as difficult as you think. It’s one mere ferry ride away! And if you’re sneaky (like me), you might even be able to use your transfer to get the ride back for free (very sneaky).

So get your life in order and come see our shows! Showtimes:
  • Wednesday 16th: 7:30pm ($15 or $10 for students)
  • Thursday 17th: 7:30pm ($15 or $10 for students)
  • Friday 18th: 7:30pm ($15 or $10 for students)
  • Saturday 19th: 2:00pm ($5 each show) & 7:30pm ($15 or $10 for students)
  • Sunday 20th: 2:00pm ($5:00 each show)
More details available at the IN THE FALL / IN THIS WORLD Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=269708139735145


We are less than 24 hours away — oh wait, actually a little bit more than that; more like 30 hours away — from opening Halifax Theatre for Young People’s IN THE FALL and IN THIS WORLD. Two one-act plays, presented back to back at the Alderney Landing Centre Theatre in Dartmouth. Depending on your location, we are one convenient ferry-ride away.

We are knee-deep in tech-week, and we finally got into the space yesterday (see photo above). Our stage is fairly incredible, but I’m a jerk, so I took a photo of the seating arrangement instead.

In a conceited effort to make you come see our shows, myself and Kristin Slaney sat down and put an excessively shameless, charming video together. Enjoy…

Charmed? Good, now come see our shows!

The Chronicle Herald (I know, right?) also wrote about us earlier today… http://thechronicleherald.ca/artslife/31342-play-teens-tackles-date-rape

IN THE FALL (written by Chris Heide – Adapted from Alistair MacLeod‘s short story) features myself and Doug MacAuley, and IN THIS WORLD (written by the Canadian phenom Hannah Moscovitch) stars Kristin Slaney and Helena Pipe. Both plays are directed by Tessa Mendel.

Check out the Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=269708139735145


My return to Halifax next month is now a multi-purposed one. Originally, I was headed East solely to shoot my short film directorial debut, ROOM SERVICE but now I am happy to announce that I have been cast in Halifax Theatre for Young People‘s production of IN THE FALL (based on the Alistair MacLeod short story, adapted for the stage by Chris Heide) along with Doug MacAulay.

The play will be a double-header of sorts, two one-act plays, back to back. The other, IN THIS WORLD (written by Hannah Moscovitch) will feature the wonderful talents of Kristin Slaney. Both one-acts will be directed by Halifax Theatre for Young People co-founder, Tessa Mendel.

The plays will be running from November 10th to the 20th at Alderney Landing Theatre in Dartmouth. Get your butt to the theatre.

For all other info, check out the gorgeous poster, designed by Isaac Hansen, by clicking HERE, or keep an eye on the Halifax Theatre for Young People website.

I’ll be seeing you… IN THE FALL.

Get it?