Grab that calendar off the wall and mark the date: Monday, April 24th will see the launch of my next film, SPACE MONKEY: ORIGINS!

I’ve been watching wrestling my entire life, and the biggest thing that I miss in today’s programming is the total lack of vignettes (short videos to hype a wrestler’s upcoming debut). In my opinion, it’s in these short videos that the audience really begins to understand and tap into what a character is all about.

When I moved to Toronto at the end of 2015, my first order of business was to take in a pro-wrestling show. It was at this show that I first saw Space Monkey wrestle. I was instantly enamoured with his insane gimmick and amazed by how well he married that with his fighting style.

It was love at first sight ( ❤ ) and the wheels in my head started turning immediately.

I approached him with the idea to film a character vignette that transitions into a highlight reel, and that is exactly what we’re releasing on April 10th. I hope I can do my part in helping you all also fall in love with the Space Monkey.

In the interest of educating the non-wrestling fans out there, here are a few of my all-time favourite vignettes from the wacky world of professional wrasslin’:

Mr. Perfect shows off his ridiculously perfect athleticism.

Here we see Ted Dibiase (AKA The Million Dollar Man) purchasing an entire public pool so that he can kick out all of the children (what a bastard).

I have no idea what is going on here, but I love it.

Last but certainly not least, The Mountie instructs some filthy American which direction the USA is.

That’s it, that’s all, folks. We worked our asses off on this one, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

PS. It’s one year today since my last audition. So far so good, y’all. ❤




After five years sitting on the shelf, Jason Eisener‘s first feature film, STREETS OF DOMINATION, is inching leaping closer to completion!

The film has sat on the shelf for so long because STREETS’ writer John Davies and its director, Jason Eisener had to go make that HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN film. Spare time quickly became, and remains to be, a rarity for these two gents, which pushed STREETS to the back-burner.

Enter Glen (in hero stance).

I have taken on the task of editing a first-pass, rough-assembly of the film, which I will then hand off to Eisener for him to finish. This process is also known as movie magic.

So please, be excited. Lord knows I am.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ll be giving away 5 HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN comic books to readers of this blog! Simply head on over to the Contact page and drop me a line (be sure to include your email address)! Contest closes Monday, November 26th at 11:59pm EST and is open to residents of Canada and the USA.

Fun, right?

Check back on Tuesday, the 27th to see if you’ve won yourself a copy!

In the mean time, check out the STREETS OF DOMINATION teaser to whet your appetites:

Update – Nov. 27, 2012: WINNERS OF THE HOBO COMIC CONTESTStephen Piercey, Colin MacDonald, Tarra Hughes, Erin McGuire, Jessica Golding. Congrats, folks!

For all of you unfortunate losers the comic is currently available at all three Stange Adventures locations, The Last Game Store, Obsolete Records, Quantum Frontier and more for a mere $2.99!


Well, that didn’t take long! Wow. I am absolutely flattered by the generosity of the contributors so far. 24 hours in and you have helped me raise $185 (towards our $750 goal)! Not a bad start, whatsoever.

As we move along and raise more money, we’ll hit certain milestones wherein I’ll reveal information regarding the production. We have already passed our first milestone: $100! Thank you.

As promised, I will now introduce my leading lady: Vanessa Walton Bone.

Currently based out of Halifax, NS, Vanessa is originally from jolly ol’ England, and we all know that’s where the best actors come from.

I wrote the part with her in mind, so to have her on board is a huge step towards realizing my vision. I’ve been slowly made aware of her in the past couple years, catching her in a couple of short films, and then seeing her on stage at Plutonium Playhouse in SPLINTERS, as well as Luna Sea’s production of TOP GIRLS. She’s an absolute grade A talent.

This brings us to our next order of business: the next Milestone! Once we hit $350, I will reveal the synopsis of ROOM SERVICE! I’ll spill the beans and tell you what this damned thing is all about!

So please, keep donating, keep spreading the word! Absolutely every bit helps! Thank you!


Not long after posting yesterday’s blog entry featuring the trailer for THE CORRIDOR, and lamenting about the fact that the film has not been screening very much, I received a message from a lovely Film Nova Scotia employee informing me that there is in fact a screening of THE CORRIDOR coming up in Halifax!

Not only a screening, but a FREE screening…

Film Nova Scotia and Empire Theatres will be hosting a free Screening night on Wednesday, February 23rd at the Oxford Theatre.

Produced by Craig Cameron and Mike Masters, directed by Evan Kelly and written by Josh MacDonald, this feature film follows five best friends through a male bonding weekend they will never forget. They’ve been best buddies for more than a decade, but now they’re changing – getting married, getting promoted, going bald, and going crazy. During a much needed weekend away to bring them together, they discover a special corridor through the woods – an impossible hallway where none should be. It will take these five men into fear, betrayal and the biggest change of them all; by weekend’s end…. they’ll all be dead!

To view the movie trailer, please visit

Screening Nights are presented by Film Nova Scotia and Empire Theatres. They are held four times a year and allow local audiences to see homegrown film productions and enable local filmmakers to promote their work.

We hope to see you at the screening!

THE CORRIDOR Screening Facebook Event Page:

Also yesterday, I was reminded of the fact that the path to independent film distribution can be a long one, but not to lose hope, as there are many options still available (and that are being explored) for this story to be shared. Long-gone are the days of shooting something, and having it on Youtube 24 hours later (thank god). If there’s one lesson to be learned from yesterday’s paragraph of woe, is that I still have many aspects of the film industry of which I’m not knowledgeable.

Go to bed, Glen.

So Wednesday, February 23rd, get your butts to the Oxford Theatre at 7:00pm to be treated-to / tortured-by THE CORRIDOR!