IGGupdate Want to see me get power-slammed, suplexed and power-bombed by professional wrestlers? Well you’ll have to throw down some of your hard-earned dollars into the SAVING FACE IndieGoGo campaign (click here) first! For now, check out the teaser video of all of the moves being performed on me (you sick person, you)! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l9bAt-bgOg Head over to http://igg.me/at/saving-face/x/185544 to review the mountain of perks that we have offered up and make your donation! We still have 24 days left in the campaign and a few days left of shooting! Fun for all! PS. CBC’s SHORT FILM FACE-OFF concludes tonight at 8:00pm (AST)! ROOM SERVICE is still in the running for the $40k in production resources, so be sure to tune in and keep your fingers crossed! Update – 09/23/13: The campaign currently sits $300 away from the final goal of $2,000, which means that the powerslam video and the suplex video have been released. Please enjoy…



The time is upon us! I am gearing up to shoot my second short film, SAVING FACE!

The film takes place in an alternate universe wherein everything is pro-wrestling, and it tells the story of a tag-team’s downfall when one of the members decides he’s going to become a bad guy.

We still have a couple of weeks before we find out how ROOM SERVICE fares in CBC’s SHORT FILM FACE OFF competition (our episode airs this Saturday, August 24th at 8:00pm Atlantic), so until then, I am still an incredibly impoverished filmmaker, thus, we’re really going to need your help to make this film! We’ve launched an IndieGoGo campaign (Saving Face: a short film by Glen Matthews).

We’re attempting to raise $2,000 to help alleviate our many, many costs (wrestling ring & arena rental, lighting, catering, insurance, etc). Don’t fret though, we’re not just asking for money without giving anything back!
  • Any $ Amount: You will be made a member of the “Thank You Club” where you will receive exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and updates.
  • $10: Digital download of the award-winning short film, “Room Service“.
  • $20: Digital download of “Room Service” with director’s commentary with Glen Matthews.
  • $50: “Saving Face” Collectors Cards, featuring the characters from the film.
  • $125: “Saving Face” T-Shirt, featuring the heroic tag-team featured in the film, Over-Time.
But that’s not all, as we move forward collectively, I will be sending videos to all of the contributors. At $1,000 raised I will post a video of a pro-wrestler scoop-slamming me. At $1,500, a video of a suplex, and at $2,000 a video of a power-bombAnd if we even go two cents above our goal, I will post a very embarrassing video of me as a backyard wrestler in high school. I do not want to do this.
Look at that photo. Do you understand how terrible a video of teenage-backyard-wrestling-Glen will be? Do you?
So if you’re keen on seeing me beaten, bruised and embarrassed in the name of art, please visit: http://igg.me/at/saving-face
Are you not entertained?!


I’ve spent the past month in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, helping bring one helluva theatrical beast to it’s feet. DILIGENT RIVER DAUGHTER is an adaptation of a novel (written by Bruce Graham) which tells the story of young Charlene Durant (played by Kristin Slaney) over the span of six years.

In the words of my Father, “I wouldn’t know a good play from a bad play, but I liked it.”

If you can’t take his word, Elissa Bernard from The Chronicle Herald called the play “gripping, & beautifully acted” (click here for full review), and Kate Watson from The Coast calls it “a theatrical journey you don’t want to miss” (click here for full review).

Myself and a bevy of incredible performers (Wally MacKinnonJohn DarttJenny Munday & Brian Heighton) round out the rest of the cast. The novel was adapted by Scott Burke and directed by Ron Jenkins.

If you make the trip to see the show, please stick around and say hello. DILIGENT RIVER DAUGHTER runs until July 28th. Visit ShipsCompany.com for more info.

Side note: It’s kind of eery how many similarities there are between the lead actress Kristin Slaney’s life and that of her character, Charlene Durant. Both dream of moving away from their Nova Scotian surroundings to pursue careers as a writer.

Oh! Look at that! An opportunity to mention Kristin’s crowd-funding campaign to raise funds so that she can attend Columbia University’s prestigious Playwrighting program! Please visit “Slaney Takes Manhattan” and throw whatever you can spare in her direction. She’s one of the good ones.


In what may very well be my finest bearded performance yet, THE LUCKIEST UNLUCKY MAN IN THE WORLD premieres at the 7th annual Halifax Independent Filmmaker’s Festival, next Monday, April 8th at 7:00pm at the Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen Street).   Check out the full lineup of shorts being featured that night here: http://www.hiff.ca/atlantic-narrative-short-showcase/

On Thursday the 11th at 10:00am, I’ll be taking part in a panel discussion, CROWD SOURCING: ONLINE FUNDRAISING FOR INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS, alongside Andrew Bush and Brad Rivers, moderated by Walter Forsyth. More info here: http://www.hiff.ca/crowd-sourcing/

There are many a thing happening during the fest, so please check out the site and take part! http://www.hiff.ca/