The “long road” to film distribution, when it comes to independent filmmaking, can sometimes feel like a transcontinental flight, and this is certainly one of those cases.

After two years of doing the rounds at some of the globe’s premiere genre film festivals, I am thrilled (thrilled, I tells ya!) to announce that THE CORRIDOR, the feature film in which I have a lead role, is now available to my fellow countrymen here in Canada (also now in the USA), through various Video On Demand services…

Available in Canada via  iTunes, Sony (PS3), Xbox, Bell VOD, Cogeco, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, Shaw VOD, Telus, VCC, Videotron, Google, RODO.

I am damn proud of this film, which can be described as THE BIG CHILL meets THE THING, so I hope that you’ll give our modestly-budgeted, overly-ambitious film, a chance. This is probably what it feels like to have a child go off to school for the first time. Be nice to my child, my slightly-twisted, sci-fi/drama hybrid child.

A quick round-up of THE CORRIDOR’s reviews, stolen from Matt Singer at IndieWire:

Ryland AldrichTwitch:
“A taut thriller that wraps the audience in a blanket of paranoia without falling victim to the cliches that plague so many cabin-in-the-woods horrors.”

Scott WeinbergFEARnet:
“‘The Corridor’ may borrow themes and ideas from a handful of disparate sources, but in the end it all comes together with care and craftsmanship, and the result is one of the coolest Canadian chillers in years.”

James McCormickThe Criterion Cast:
“This is definitely a horror film that should be watched with the lights low, with a few friends that you would hopefully go away to a cabin in the woods and not kill.”

Travis KeuneWe Are Movie Geeks:
“Seamlessly blends human drama with science fiction, psychological and visceral horror, and even a touch of metaphysical philosophy for one of the more mesmerizing but accessibly cerebral films I’ve seen in years.”

Cole AbaiusFilm School Rejects:
“The story then goes off the deep end, but only slightly off the rails.”

Please let me know what you think of the film, if you catch it!

Update – April 9, 2012: THE CORRIDOR was iTunes’ #1 Horror film rental of the past week! I’m trying to play it cool right now, but there’s no way that’s happening.



If the cat wasn’t out of the bag that this film goes into some pretty dark places before, it sure is now. Chronicle Pictures along with Last Call Productions have released the trailer for THE CORRIDOR, Evan Kelly’s feature length film that played the Atlantic Film Festival this past September.

My favourite description of the film is now officially “The Big Chill meets The Evil Dead”. Appropriate.

Unfortunately, as far as I know (which believe me, is not much in the world of film distribution) there are no plans for a screening in the near future, so please pass this trailer along and help generate interest. Spread the word, you! I’ve said it before, I’m very proud of this film, and I hope it gets a chance to be seen by more people than just two screenings at the Atlantic Film Festival (nothing against AFF)…

Oh look at me, sounding all jaded and what-have-you in my mid-twenties! What a prick.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The Corridor – Day 1

Hey folks! Today was the first day of production for THE CORRIDOR. I have decided I’m going to try and do something rad for all y’all (how nice of me, right?): every day of production, I plan to update the blog with some memento or trinket relating to the film. It may be something quick & dirty, or a thorough, long-winded story.

So make sure to check back every couple days for some Corridor goodness!

Moby Dick Still

Today’s Chronicle Herald has a great article about James Gilbert’s experiences working on MOBY DICK (Rough seas fuel actor). Along with the article, comes the first official still from production featuring James Gilbert, Halifax’s Glen Matthews, Eddie Marsan (from Sherlock Holmes), and Matthew Lemche.

Still no word on a release date or a broadcaster picking it up, but with filming just wrapped, I have a feeling it could be a while before you get to see me run around in a bowler hat.

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