HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN is approaching the final stop on the publicity-rails as it’s DVD/BluRay release is this Tuesday, July the 5th! Rejoice!

Check out that badass pop-up cover (above) found in the HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN BluRay. I challenge anyone to find another actor with 2 minutes of screen time more prominently featured in such an extensive advertising campaign. That’s talent.

The DVD/BluRay will be released all across the great expanse of North America, so save up your nickels and dimes and run out this Tuesday to pick up this ridiculously packed package.

Magnet Releasing (obviously along with Eisener, Cotterill & Davies) really must be commended for putting together such a solid disc featuring…

  • MORE BLOOD, MORE HEART, the fantastic, in-depth making-of featurette, which I had the pleasure of viewing a rough cut of. You really need to see it. So well done.
  • An interview with Jason, Rutger and Fangoria’s Mike Gingold (35-40 mins).
  • Two commentary tracks (which I can’t wait to hear): (1) Jason Eisener & Rutger Hauer, & (2) Jason Eisener, John Davies, Rob Cotterill, and the original Hobo, the immortal Dave Brunt!
  • Deleted scenes, an alternate ending, & video blogs.
  • The fake-trailer contest winner, the exquisite VAN GORE from Keith Hodder, Jerrad Pulham & Peter Strauss.
  • Shotgun-Mode (which I believe is exclusive to the BluRay) where even more behind-the-scenes footage is revealed as you’re watching the film.
J. Hurtado over at my personal favourite film-news website, TwitchFilm wrote a review for the HOBO BluRay wherein he says…
This is a massive and mighty package for an explosive film that deserves all the attention it can get.  Jason Eisener is a major emerging talent, and he really deserves a lot of credit, along with his crew, for making an outstanding film that captures the spirit of a bygone era of film making without becoming cloying or nudging the audience too hard to acknowledge the joke.  This is no joke.  Magnet Releasing’s Blu-ray release of Hobo with a Shotgun is HIGHLY REOMMENDED.
Pick it up this Tuesday!
PS. Happy Canada Day!



Check out my updated demo reel featuring clips from (1) HAVEN, (2) HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, and (3) THE CORRIDOR

Vodpod videos no longer available.

About four years ago, YouTube deleted my entire account (videos included) due to me repeatedly uploading videos including copyrighted materials. Ever since, I’ve been scared to return to the land of YouTube, fearing that they would chase me out of their digital-town with digital-pitchforks.

I’m happy to say that I’ve made my glorious return to the Tubes of You, and so far, no pitchforks or torches have been spotted. I’m actually quite impressed with the level of customization available to YouTube users now, and I managed to chuck together a snazzy little design for my Channel.

So from here on out, all things video-related will be found over at youtube.com/GlenJMatthews

So head on over, and click “Subscribe” in the top left-hand corner to stay up to date with my doings, until the YouTube overlords come and escort me away.

PS. Happy birthday to me!


Author: Glen Matthews
January 23rd, 2011 – 11:30am

Mr. Zan Rosborough, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN‘s sound-mixer/actor/stunt-performer/&-probably-something-else has been filming our escapades down here in Utah, and will be editing together a short video within the next few weeks. Until then, please enjoy (?) this teaser that he has cut together…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On the docket for today: in an hour myself and Henry Townsend are going to check out a documentary on the legendary Roger Corman, after that, we will experience an official American pass-time by watching some NFL playoffs. Tonight, we’re going to check out the much-talked-about protest of Kevin Smith‘s new film RED STATE by the Westboro Baptist Church (see below)…

(Yeah… that’s right, those guys… er, kids.)

So that should be entertaining… right?

And tonight we’ll be attending a party for all three of the Magnet Pictures releases, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, TROLL HUNTER, and I SAW THE DEVIL. Fun fun!

More to come from this fag-enabler!

SUNDANCE ’11 – Update #2

Author: Glen Matthews
January 21st, 2011 – 3:10pm

We are t-minus 8.5 hours away from the world premiere of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival! Through the miracle of having an awesome Producer (Rob Cotterill), all of the lovely folks who have made the trek from Canada to Utah (including myself) now have their Maple-Syrup-coated hands on tickets for tonight’s screening! Rejoice! Exclamation-marks abound!

So if you’re too impatient to wait for tomorrow’s blog update(s) and would like to keep updated on the happenings of tonight’s screening, you’re best bet would be to check out the Twitter pages of some of the members of the cast & crew. They are myself (@GlenJM), Jason Eisener (@JasonEisener), Rob Cotterill (@RobCotterill), Greg Smith (@GregoryTheSmith), & Elana Zatzman (@__Nova__).

We’re gonna make you effers proud!

Also, make sure to check out this terrific news video by the CBC’s Colleen Jones @ http://www.cbc.ca/canada/nova-scotia/story/2011/01/21/ns-video-hobo-shotgun-sundance.html & this article by The Chronicle Herald’s Andrea Nemetz @ http://thechronicleherald.ca/ArtsLife/1223195.html.

And last but not least, have a peep at the Hobo swag toques being given out to all sorts of disgusting folks here at Sundance…

Odd. As I get older, my nose appears to get broke-r.

Matthews out.

SUNDANCE ’11 – Update #1

Author: Glen Matthews
January 20th, 2011 – 5:53am

I’ve learned that when a United States border guard asks you what you do for a living—at no point, should the words “I’m an actor” come from your mouth.

Close. Call.

Currently, I’m sitting in the Buffalo Airport where I slept overnight—this is what happens when you combine cheapest flight, with cheapest bus-ride (to said flight). It’s been 6 hours since the Sundance Film Festival has officially begun, and I’m pretty damned excited to be a couple of plane flights away from being in the depths of it’s madness…

“The [2011] Sundance Film Festival is like looking into our film futures. While many of the films are unknown now, playing at Sundance sets off a snowball effect that continues throughout the year and eventually, these movies become an integral part of popular culture.”

-Germain Lussier, Slashfilm.com

The last time that I was on screen in Utah, I declared “It’s Christmas, I just want to fuck!”, and now it’s “Give me the money or I’ll slice this bitch’s throat!” Please don’t let my Grandparents know what we’re doing down here.

As with any film festival, you approach it with a handful of films that you’d like to check out—but also with any film festival, plans tend to shift and the Gods of Film Festival laugh in your face, punch you in the gut, and deprive you of sleep. With that in mind, check out my top 5 films that I’d like to check out at the fest this year…

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN—Let’s get this pick out of the way and avoid any indication that I’m trying to be clever by selecting the movie that I’m in. I’m including this because tickets to the HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN screenings have been selling like mother-loving hotcakes (going for $150 on EBay—greasy bastards); I was fortunate enough to snag myself a ticket
to the screening in Salt Lake City on the 22nd (through a lottery ticket-purchase system), but other members of the Hobo cast/crew who are travelling down to Utah have yet to secure a ticket. Pray for their souls.

WIN WIN—This is the third film from Tom McCarthy. His two previous films happen to be two of my favourite films of all-time: THE STATION AGENT and THE VISITOR (Richard Jenkins for the win). McCarthy seems to have a knack for bringing the absolute-best performances out of his cast, and in this film, a story about a man who moonlights as an amateur wrestling coach, he’s directing Paul Giamatti, thus, the results in my brain are pure gold. I don’t have a ticket to this yet, so please, pray for my soul.

SHORTS PROGRAM 1—Comedy duo Tim & Eric (from the ever-effed TIM & ERIC AWESOME SHOW GREAT JOB) are bringing their short film THE TERRYS to Sundance as part of Shorts Program 1. Also in the lineup is Adam Yauch’s (from the Beastie Boys) FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT, a pseudo-mockumentary/documentary with the Beastie Boys being played by Elijah Wood, Danny McBride & Seth Rogen. So incredibly stoked to be checking this out tomorrow morning!

TAKE SHELTERMichael Shannon is a god amongst men (or at least actors). One of America’s finest character actors; his portrayal of a federal agent in HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE is one of my favourite performances of the year. In TAKE SHELTER he plays a Father who is having recurring nightmares of death and destruction which cause him to manically build a bomb-shelter in preparation for the impending doom that he believes is coming for he and his family. I’m on board.

PROJECT NIM—From the director of the Oscar-winning documentary MAN ON WIRE (see it), comes another documentary; this one apparently is about a group of scientists who attempt to raise a chimpanzee as a human. Simple enough, but with James Marsh at the helm, you have to believe it’s going to deliver. I can 90% guarantee I’ll be a weepy-baby by the end of this one.

Honorable mentions: RED STATE (from Kevin Smith), there is no way I’m going to get into this screening without waiting in line for a long, long time. I’m talking new-video-game-console-launch waiting times. TROLL HUNTER, the trailer for this looks terrific, but after looking at the schedule, none of the screenings are at a convenient time for me. And basically EVERY OTHER FILM, it’s Sundance, if it’s playing there, it’s very likely worth checking out.

Check back all week long for updates from other members of the HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN cast and crew!

Here we go!

Update as of 3:51pm MST: Made it to Salt Lake City just fine! Headed into town to pick up tickets!