Charlie Mac Productions Screening

I, Hollywood-Mainstay Glen Matthews will be hosting a night of local films, created by Charlie Mac Productions (owned by Tara & Sarah MacDonald) this Sunday, November 1st at The Foggie Goggle (1667 Argyle St.)

Included in the lineup is WINDOWS OF THE SOUL, starring the very awesome duo of Matt Chisholm & Stevie Cooper; LET THEM EAT, an animated short detailing the kitten-zombie apocalypse; a horror montage put together by Cory Crocker; and the trailer for Sean Grady‘s feature length hitman mockumentary OPERATION MONGOOSE.

Admission is free, so come on out and enjoy some local flicks! Click here for the Facebook event!



Mothers, Mongeese & Techno

In the course of the past week, a hand-full of (and by hand-full I mean three) projects have crept into my schedule.

Myself, along with fellow Neptune Theatre Pre-Professional Training Program graduate Sher Clain have been cast in DaPoPo Theatre‘s upcoming production of Christopher Hampton‘s “When Did You Last See My Mother?” which will run this November at Theatre Nova Scotia (The Space). Steven Bourque will be directing.

On Sunday, I met up with Dan Jardine (director of Scanner) for an expirimental tecnho dance shoot, where we ran around and got sweaty. Hawt. Like I said, it’s an experiment, so he’s messing around with the footage as many ways possible. Stay tuned.

Sean Grady‘s bounty-hunter mockumentary “Operation Mongoose.” (produced by cool guy Matt Chisholm) is currently in the final stages of post production. He got me out last week to do a voice over for the minor character of DJ Daryl, which earned me another illustrious IMDb credit, and subsequently up’d my popularity by 311% last week; this week however, I’m down 13%. Horseshit.

Below, is a still frame from “Operation Mongoose.”, I’ll post the trailer when it’s made available.


Headrush Set Photos

This past weekend I worked on Headrush, (the directorial debut from Paul McLeod) the short film tells the story of a breakup set in a world where people can blow up other people’s heads with their minds. Wacky tabackie.

The film features a kickass cast of myself, Matthew Nette, Evany Rosen, Pardis Parker, and a lovely girl named Harriet. Never asked for her last name, but for blog purposes, her last name will be: The Spy (HARRIET THE SPY, GET IT?!)

Here’s some set photos from Sunday’s shoot provided by Andrew Noseworthy



DOP Colin MacDonald (left) and Director Paul McLeod (right) set up the shot moments before we all took a five minute break to watch a pigeon eat from a hard-to-reach bird-feeder.



My “acting” face.

Jason Grant operating sound and pretending not to be sexy. Oh my, the amount of times that man heard me go to the bathroom with my lapelle mic on is pretty disturbing.


Matthew wearing the bounce as a diaper. Thanks AFCOOP!

Gore MASTER Henry Townsend gets ready to unleash an explosion of blood.

Evany Rosen is pictured here having the unfortunate duty of being first to be shot with blood.

Matthew Nette AKA Graham Chapman lookalike.




Headrush will likely see a release in the Fall, but I’ll hopefully get more stuff up on here before then!

Building the GlenJMpire: Chapter Seven.

“YouBoob, The Musical”
Christmas 2005

By Christmas of 2005, I had already moved to Halifax to pursue post-secondary knowledge of Applied Arts at NSCC, and was feeling pretty good about the direction of my life. Learning about Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, Illustration and other ways to make me feel good about myself.

During Christmas break in Lunenburg, my friend Dave Maddox sent me a link to watch the SNL Short “Dick in a Box”. The link lead me to a little website called Youtube; the first website (that I knew of) where you could upload your very own videos! I was absolutely blown away and excited beyond belief. Before the launch of Youtube, the process of getting videos online was incredibly complicated, and me being notorious for my technical laziness had never learned that process.

I locked myself indoors for the remainder of my break and created a short animated music video for the Gorillaz and uploaded it to Youtube…

Vodpod videos no longer available.
…They still haven’t even said thanks.

Instantly, I started brainstorming ideas for short films. I knew that I wanted to act in them, but I wasn’t entirely confident in my ability to do so (mostly because I sucked); therefore, when I got back to the city, I signed up for evening Acting Classes at Neptune Theatre.

For those of you who know what I mean when I say “Zip-Zap-Zop”, you understand how weird the theatre classes were. I loved it. It felt very liberating, to be able to run around and play with adults. It was definitely a sexual preference test.

Once the class was over, I signed up for two more, another acting class, and a musical theatre class. The problem with the musical class was that (1) I had zero knowledge on how to read music, or (2) how to sing, because back in elementary school I made fun of Elvis in music class (in Grade 3) and my teacher kicked me out of her class for the next three years. I really don’t think she was allowed to do that.

So after three of the musical theatre classes, I told the teacher that I had to call it quits, because I had no sweet clue what was going on around me. On my way out, one of the other students Kerri Leier asked me to audition for her upcoming musical called Jump! An 80’s Musical! I re-stated the fact that I had no sweet clue what was going on, and she insisted that I come out.

In my first audition, I read my sides, and then at the end, I asked to showcase my ability to “sell” a punch to the face. I did my best impression of the Ric Flair flop and promptly left the room. Later on in the day I learned that I got the part of the Jock villain, who luckily for me, had minimal singing and dancing, but a good amount of dialogue.

The next 4 months were spent watching a VHS of the routines over & over & over and dancing along with them in my tiny bedroom between rehearsals.

June came, I completed my first year of college (with good marks), and it was time for the show. Here’s the poster that I designed for the show…

And here’s a photo of me (on the right) trying too hard…

The show went very well and was deemed a success. Hip hip hooray.

Confidence: +1.

During the rehearsals, the musical director, Matt Amyotte asked a few of us if anyone had wanted to be in his friend’s movie. The way he phrased it made me think it would just be a couple guys in a backyard with a Hi-8 camcorder, so I thought “fuck, I can do that”. He then said it was Jason Eisener‘s next movie. I knew that I had heard the name, but I wasn’t sure until he brought up The Teeth Beneath, a film that Eisener made and I had seen parts of, I loved what I had seen.

A week later I was having a beer with Jason and John Davies and they were filling me in with plans for their epic feature length film Streets of Domination.

Chapter 6: Quitter
Chapter 5: VHS FTW
Chapter 4: Two Chapters With One Stone
Chapter 3: Honk If You Happen to be Horny
Chapter 2: Junior Hierarchy
Chapter 1: Prologue

Operation: Beefcake

Given the tabloids infatuation with actors’ physical transformations, I am pleased to announce that I have embarked on my own epic (and heroic) journey to physical transformation for an upcoming role. I am also pleased to announce that I now will be rich and famous within 5 to 8 months from now.

Watch out Twist Magazine!


Ever since I got involved in acting, the thought of transforming my body into that of my character’s has always intrigued me. I’m not a method actor for the most part, but I respect that level of sacrifice from an actor.

Let’s face it, acting can be simple. Some people can stroll onto a set, read their lines once, turn around and produce a heart-wrenching scene with little-to-no effort. Others, like myself, have to slave over a notebook to remember a series of 3 sentences, and work on a character for weeks before they can shoot. At the end of the day, all that matters is what ends up on the screen. And that’s the way it should be. Who cares how you got there, as long as you did.

When an actor transforms their body, they get to wear their art.

That being said, I am initiating Operation: Beefcake.

For the past couple years, my body weight has wavered between 140 and 150 pounds depending on the time of year and the corresponding holiday. The character I’m doing this for is a complete fucking force of nature to be reckoned with so I hope my journey will carry me to 180 pounds with a combination of fat and muscle…

Example: 1990’s pro-wrestler Buff Bagwell, and 1990’s gay man on his porch.


Okay, maybe not so gay.

I am also initiating Initiative: Clouseau/Cato, in which if you see me on the street, you must attack me, for I have to be at peak physical health. An example of which is shown below.

Slow-mo not included.

Alright, I have to go buy more peanuts, seeds, and avocados as they are a healthy source of fat. Thanks Dr. Clain!

PS. If you’re lazy like me and you hate all of the people at the gym, check out this link on how to become as strong as Bruce Lee in the comfort of your own home: Badass.

3 Projects I Have to Tell You About…

The following is three projects that I have to tell you about because if I don’t, I’ll be lazy and I won’t do them. So here are three things that if aren’t done, you can express your heartfelt disappointment in me.

My fear of you is my motivation!

1. THE BEAT, A MUSICAL. First off, this isn’t in danger of me not doing it, I just really wanted to tell you about it!

Therefore: The buddy Cop film is currently being written by the caring hands of Matt Chisholm, Chris Fitzgerald (both of whom I met while working on Attention-Span TV) and myself. The wonderfully talented Kevin Fraser is going to be taking care of Director of Photography duties. Zac Efron has yet to get back to us though. What a dick.

We’re hoping to start shooting this Spring.thebeatlineup
2. ZOMG! for Bit of a Bully Productions. Now that I’ve had my fingers bitten off by a zombie in Colin MacDonald‘s Code 10:15 Civil Disturbance, I want to kick some zombie arse. ZOMG! will be my directorial follow up to Dinner Etiquette Correctness and will feature myself & Streets of Domination co-star John Han.

Shooting & loving in the Spring…


3. A FRINGE SHOW. This is the project that runs the most risk of being abandoned. Therefore, I put it on here. I have an idea for a show to be a part of the 19th Annual Atlantic Fringe Festival, but that’s all it is right now, I haven’t written a script yet.

I’ve never created a show, so if I do, it’ll definitely be a part of the Fringe festival. I was in a show as part of the Fringe fest a couple years back and the festival does a wonderful hodge-podge job of throwing together an awesome festival that supports all genres.
There! Three projects that you have permission to hassle me about! I look forward to your intimidation.

In other news, I’ve reviewed two more movies for CREAM OF THE CRAPGYMKATA (1985) & THE TOXIC AVENGER (1984). Watch the movies, join the group and chuck your reviews up on there!

Cream of the Crap Movie Reviews

Last night, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first two films with the wonderful Cream of the Crap group; their Facebook group info is as follows…

The preeminent Facebook group solely devoted to the love and preservation of cheesy, shitty B-Movies, cult classics, grindhouse flicks and genre films. We take a risk on each one of these movies; It could be a masterpiece – or it could be crap.

Our mission: to view, review and survive…The Cream of the Crap. Do you have what it takes?

The two films we watched were Rabid Grannies & Undefeatable. For the group, this was their 97th and 98th films watched and reviewed since their beginning in June ’07. That’s a lot of crap!

Review: Rabid Grannies (1988)
They love their grandchildren… well done!
This film has me a tiny bit torn –perhaps my standards are still a bit too high for Cream of the Crap, but the film took too damn long to deliver on it’s namesake. Early on you’re treated to some over-the-top British acting accompanied by some clunky American voice overs that are there to make it seem less British (thanks American distributors).

Once the grand-ladies make their villainous turn, the film kicks into gear with some pretty amazingly cheesy & brutal special effects. The time spent away from the ladies is boring, and there was even a lesbian sub plot that didn’t deliver! Shenanigans!

Coronation Street meets Evil Dead?

While the film was not the smoothest of rides, when it was going good, it definitely supplied enough gore and laughs for me to personally give it a recommendation.

STATUS: Recommended.

Review: Undefeatable (1993)
Out of the ring, into the fire… in a fight to the finish!
I honestly don’t know where to begin. I finished this film about two hours ago and I can still feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins.

Some background on the film: a clip from one of the film’s climactic battles has been arguably titled one of the best fight scenes ever, something that I can agree with. Here is the clip in question:

The film features Stingray (Don Niam) as the nemesis, a man whose professional street fighting career is ruining his home life, so much so that he rapes his wife then pretends it didn’t happen, prompting his wife Anna to leave him, thus turning him loco. He becomes a serial kidnapper/rapist/murderer of any woman that looks like his wife; oh, and he steals their eye balls because it’s fucked! It’s up to Police Officer Nick DiMarco with the help of the fiery street-fightin’ redhead Kristi Jones (a Kathy Griffin lookalike) to stop him.

The film is right in all the wrong places. Some pretty decent choreography, some absurd dialogue and one of the best endings to a film EVER.

If you want 5 high fives at once, then go watch this movie!

STATUS: WHOLE HEARTADLY RECCOMENDED! Buy it or if you must, download it @

So check out the Cream of the Crap on Facebook, so you can see which movies they’re watching and follow along with the shit!