Foreword: the following entry is meant to be read as a companion piece to THE CORRIDOR and contains a few mild-spoilers. 

During the process of taking THE CORRIDOR around to film festivals and showing it to audiences, I learned very early on that my favourite part of the Q&A session was always when the conversation would inevitably turn to “So, what exactly is ‘the corridor’?”

We, the cast, along with our director Evan Kelly, and our writer Josh MacDonald were fortunate enough to have five days of rehearsals before we started shooting THE CORRIDOR. A lot of questions were answered, and a lot of the relationships were established. One afternoon though, Evan asked us all what we thought the corridor was. He and Josh allowed us to sputter on for a few minutes each, without applauding or disproving any theories. Evan said “Interesting”, and that was the last discussion we had.

We were never given the answer (which I’m thankful for), but instead were left to find our own fear of, and beauty within “the corridor”.

What I’d like to do today, is offer up my own interpretation of the corridor, not as any sort of definitive answer, but instead to start up a conversation among those of you who’ve seen the film, and offer up your own meaning…

One substantial ingredient to my theory comes from a seemingly silly internet video called “We Are All Connected” by Symphony of Science. Symphony of Science takes videos of famous quantum physicists (ie. Carl Sagan and Neil Tyson Degrasse) talking about many of the universe’s wonders, and they auto-tune their voices and add music to them. See below:

Pretty darn awesome, eh?

Aside from being fairly catchy, there are also some really staggering facts and theories lobbed around in there. The line that stuck with me the most, however, was Carl Sagan’s simple explanation for everything: “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself“.

In the film, David Patrick Flemming‘s character Chris says of the corridor “It’s a probe. It’s seeking.”

For me, once I combined these two pieces of information, I started to view the corridor as an evaluation process. This was the universe’s way of “checking in”, by sending this probe and seeing who it really was, as a sentient being.

The corridor connects those who connect with it (ie. Ev, played by Jim Gilbert, sitting on the snowmobile, hearing conversations in the airplane), it also intensifies their desires and their thoughts, illuminating their primal instincts, showing their true selves so that they can be judged by the universe.

Once it saw the truth (or at least the truth amongst these five men): the pain they caused each other, the jealousy, the unhappiness, it didn’t like what it was seeing and decided to do away with them, in an act of disgust.

The probe moved forward, and would continue to move forward, towards the city, until it could find something in itself that it found to be admirable. It was Tyler’s (played by Stephen Chambers) sacrifice at the end of the film that the corridor AKA the universe found to be noble, and as a result, it stopped seeking.

Are you still with me? I feel like I may have scared a few of you off.

Now as I said, this is in no way a definitive answer, and as we learned a few days ago with Matt Groening revealing that the Springfield from THE SIMPSONS is in Oregon, definitive answers are no fun.

Now that I’ve shown you mine, please show me your theories of what exactly the corridor from THE CORRIDOR is

THE CORRIDOR is available now on Video On Demand in Canada via Bell VOD, iTunes, Sony, Xbox, Cogeco, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, Shaw VOD, Telus, VCC, Videotron, Google, RODO and in America on IFC On Demand, iTunes and others.



People of Sudbury, would you like a chance to rub shoulders with two of the stars from the breakout, festival-darling film, THE CORRIDOR? Well, we won’t rub your shoulders –that would be really weird– but myself and Stephen Chambers will be hosting a Q&A after the film’s screening this Saturday, the 24th, 10:30pm at SilverCity Sudbury!

THE CORRIDOR fits perfectly into Cinefest Sudbury’s “Curfew Breaker” series, which highlights genre films. Aint It Cool News calls it “one of the most terrifying new films of the year”, so come on out and see the damn thing so I can stop yelling at you.

Myself and Mr. Chambers’ visit to Cinefest Sudbury isn’t the only time to see the film with members of the creative team; as I mentioned last week, Director Evan Kelly and Writer Josh MacDonald will be in attendance for Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX (Sept. 23rd & 25th). Also, Matt Amyotte, who played Bobcat in the film, will be hosting the film and answering questions October 2 at Dark Bridges in Saskatoon.

Note: The photo above is not actually from the future. It was taken in July at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal by Isabelle Stephen.

Note 2: Myself and Stephen would like to apologize for both wearing white v-neck t-shirts at Fantasia, and we promise to collaborate on any and all future wardrobe arrangements.


We are one-exciting-week away from THE CORRIDOR‘s Austin, Texas premiere at the 2011 Fantastic Fest!

Fresh off of claiming it’s “Best Canadian Feature Film” Audience Award at Montreal’s Fantasia Fest, and being called “one of the coolest Canadian chillers in years” by Mr. Scott Weinberg (FearNet link), THE CORRIDOR is looking to hit the ground running in Austin.

The film plays twice: Friday, September 23rd, 5:45 pm at the Alamo Lamar Theatre 6, and Sunday, September 25th, 11:45 am at the Alamo Lamar Theatre 2.

Know anyone in or headed to Fantastic Fest? You damn well better spread the word or else I’ll send a weird, inexplicable, force-field (also known as a “corridor”) to come mess your life up.

Check out the trailer below and visit THE CORRIDOR’s page on the Fantastic Fest website for all other info!


Not to be confused with Fantasia Fest in Montreal, THE CORRIDOR will be playing next month in Austin, Texas at the 2011 Fantastic Fest!! Along with Fantasia, Fantastic Fest is arguably the biggest genre film festival in North America (official announcement from

All this really needs to stop: I’m running out of ways to describe how excited and honoured I am on behalf of THE CORRIDOR cast & crew. It’s exhausting really.

Check out the madness known as Fantastic Fest down below…

It’s still up in the air whether or not I’ll personally head south to Austin for the festival, but I’ve been dying for a reason to experience Fantastic Fest for years now, so I might just have to throw down some dollar-billz and make it happen. CORRIDOR director, Mr. Evan Kelly is guaranteed to be in attendance, and more are likely to join in on the fun.

Stay tuned to for screening dates!


This is a big one, folks: THE CORRIDOR has been chosen by the Montreal audiences as the Best Canadian / Quebecois Feature Film at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival (as reported by the FantasiaHollywood Reporter & Dread Central)!

A big THANK YOU to Mitch Davis, and everyone involved with Fantasia, an absolute beast of a film festival. I’m pretty sure we’re all still dumbfounded by the honour bestowed upon us by your audiences. Thank you!

Photo above provided by Isabelle Stephen.


Well, that was fun! THE CORRIDOR had it’s first Fantasia Film Festival screening on Thursday night in Montreal, in front of a packed house at the J.A. De Seve Theatre. I’m fairly certain I can speak on behalf of everyone who made the trek to Quebec in saying thank you (!) to the festival and all of it’s fantastic employees and volunteers. You can really tell that the fest is run by people with an admirable passion for film (AKA nerds).

The film will screen again this Monday, the 25th at 1:00pm, again at J.A. De Seve Theatre with screen-writer Josh MacDonald in attendance. Buy tickets @

Fantasia Fest employees Isabelle Stephen & King-Wei Chu took some great shots, making us feel all sorts-o-glamourous…

More photos available over at the Fantasia Flickr page:

Fantasia also conducted an interview with Director Evan Kelly and Screenwriter Josh MacDonald

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That’s all for now. Again: thank you so much, Montreal! We felt the love, and we were glad to thrill you. Tell your friends to catch the screening on Monday at 1:00!


I am ever-so-pleased to report that Evan Kelly‘s THE CORRIDOR will be having it’s United States premiere later on this month in the fine state of Massachusetts! The Boston Underground Film Festival will be screening the film twice; March 26th at 4:30p and March 29th at 7:15p, both screenings to take place at Kendall Sqaure Cinema.

They have a terrific write-up on their website, which even compares which original STAR TREK episode it most closely resembles. The writer, Nicole McConvery offers up a quick review of the film to entice the Mass-holes…

The unfolding action is fiercely unpredictable and thoroughly chilling; a madcap mania overtakes them one by one. This Guys Gone Wild(ly Insane) weekend resonates somewhere between Stand By Me and Event Horizon. At times heartwarming, but mostly horrific, The Corridor is darkly engrossing; hard to look at, but also hard to look away from, it’s a terrifying character study of group dynamics under supernatural pressure.

So if you’re in Boston, or know some folks from Beantown, persuade them to attend the screenings for one “wicked pissa” of a good time! I have officially exhausted my Boston-terminology.

Side note: HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN will also be screening at BUFF. But if you have to pick one film, please pick the one where you can see my pretty face: THE CORRIDOR. What a pitch, eh?