After it’s lengthy festival run, Josh MacDonald‘s GAME is now available online for your twisted enjoyment!

The ever so lovely folks over at FearNet.com have decided to feature the short film on their website, and they’ve also gone to the trouble of adding a nice little introduction from Mr. MacDonald himself.

Head over to http://www.fearnet.com/shorts/game to watch!

The short features myself, Andrea Lee Norwood (the lead actress from BUNKER 6, which will play this year’s AFF), Pasha Ebrahimi, and Michael McPhee. Hope you enjoy it, you sick bastard.



Josh MacDonald‘s (screenwriter of THE CORRIDOR) debut venture into the world of directing, GAME, now has a website, which includes some never before seen still-frames from the short film.

Above, Andrea Norwood is seen taking a light jog in the forest woods after her morning tea (note: I cannot guarantee that is correct context of this photo).

Head on over to GameShortFilm.com for more photos, and a look at the entire creative team, cast and crew! The film has just picture-locked under the editing talents of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN director Jason Eisener. A trailer should be coming soon.

Also be sure to Like GAME on the official Facebook page: Facebook.com/GameShortFilm.



I don’t know when I’m not happy to announce my involvement in a project, but today I am ecstatic to tell you that I’m on board for Josh MacDonald‘s (screenwriter of THE CORRIDOR) directorial debut short film, GAME.

Set to shoot this weekend, I’ll be joining the supremely talented cast which includes Andrea Lee Norwood, Pasha Ebrahimi (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN), and Michael McPhee (my co-star and the creator of LOGAN AND I).

At the time being, details that I can share are slim. For now, please check out the gorgeous new poster from James White AKA Signalnoise (creator of such film-related graphic gems as the HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN logo, as well as the TREEVENGE logo)…

Head on over to Signalnoise.com to see the poster in all it’s glory.

Josh has an absolutely brilliant mind when it comes to storytelling, and I’m more than honoured to be joining him on his first adventure into directing (first of many to come, guaranteed). More to come.


I am so very honoured to share with you the fact that I have been nominated for Theatre Nova Scotia’s Robert Merritt Award in the category of Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor for my involvement in LOGAN AND I. Wow.

Honestly, this is such an honour for me. The Merritts are voted on by a committee of artists involved in the arts community, which makes this so very special to me. Thank you.

Theatre Nova Scotia’s Executive Director Chris Shore announced the nominees on CBC’s program Mainstreet earlier today. In the acting categories (sorry, I couldn’t type up all of the rest, I hope they’ll be online soon) the nominees are…

Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor
-Anthony Black, Invisible Atom, 2B Theatre
-Glen Matthews, Logan and I, Doppler Effect
-Michael McPhee, Fat Pig, Plutonium Playhouse
-Graham Percy, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-Robert Seale, The Woman in Black, Valley Summer

Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress
-Deb Allen, Cloudburst, Plutonium Playhouse
-Mary Colin Chisholm, Woman & the Scarecrow, Luna Sea
-Susan Leblanc, Five Easy Steps, Zuppa
-Jennifer Overton, Fall in Paris, Eastern Front
-Jackie Torrens, Seven Stories, Neptune

Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress
-Jessica Barry, Fat Pig, Plutonium
-Burgandy Code, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-Amy Reitsma, Julius Caesar, Dapopo
-Sherry Smith, Woman & the Scarecrow, Luna Sea
-Susan Stackhouse, Rabbit Hole, Neptune

Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor
-John Beale, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-John Dart, Merlin, Halifax Theatre/Young People
-Ryan Doucette, Cloudburst, Plutonium
-Matthew Lumley, Fat Pig, Plutonium
-Scott Owen, Twelfth Night, Shakespeare by the Sea

Big huge congrats to my LOGAN AND I fellow-performer Michael McPhee for his nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor for FAT PIG, and for LOGAN AND I’s nomination for Best New Play (so happy for this one), and to my frequent collaborator/long-time friend Jessica Barry, nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress in FAT PIG.
Congratulations to everyone; I’m so happy to be acknowledged along with so many people who I know and admire. Fantastic.

The Merritt Awards (http://www.merrittawards.ca/) take place March 28th, 8pm at Alderney Landing Theatre.


Today’s new-edition of The Coast (Halifax’s weekly newspaper) features a story written by Kate Watson on the LOGAN AND I re-mount set to take place in 6 days (December 15th).

In the article, my LOGAN AND I co-star Michael McPhee had some really wonderful things to say about me…

“I’m really glad that we could do the show again with Glen, because I can see that he is on the verge of being a really big Canadian film guy,” says McPhee. “He’s got a kind of Gary Oldman, chameleon quality going, and if you see his work on The Corridor,”—-a 2010 horror film shot locally and written by Josh MacDonald—-“you’ll know pretty soon it’s going to be next to impossible to snag any of his time.”

Sadly, the entire article isn’t about me (dear god, please know that I’m being sarcastic). McPhee goes on in the article to say that he feels he never quite hit that “one perfect show” that every actor strives for during a run, and I must admit feeling the same way.

I won’t beg you, but I will strongly suggest you come see this show that I am so proud to be a part of. Honestly, after talking to people in the community who’ve seen the show, this has been one of the most rewarding projects I’ve worked on in my [short] career.

Logan and I runs December 15-18, 8pm, with a 2pm PWYC matinee on December 18. Tickets are $15-$20, available through thedopplereffect.ns@gmail.com.

Read the full Coast story over @ http://www.thecoast.ca/ArtAttack/archives/2010/12/08/logans-second-run.

PS. Isn’t that a clever title? Good work, Coast people!


Whoa, look at that, it’s snowing on WordPress again!… or is this just a virus?… Who knows, really! Anyways, at this point next week, I’ll be back in Halifax, preparing to re-mount LOGAN AND I, the show I took part in last Summer during the Queer Acts Festival.

Please, if you can make time during the absurdity known as “the holidays” then come see our show. It really is something that I’m very proud of, and I’m happy to be taking another shot at it. If you’ve already seen the show, then recommend it to a friend (tell them it’s a gift)!

Read below for all of the details from the LOGAN AND I Facebook Event Page

This holiday season, The Doppler Effect are pleased to invite you to the remount of their summer hit, ‘LOGAN AND I’ by Atlantic Canadian playwright Michael McPhee. Only 5 shows – don’t miss your chance to catch this gem of a play which sold out every house at the Queer Acts Theatre Festival 2010!

Wednesday December 15th – 8pm
Thursday December 16th – 8pm
Friday December 17th – 8pm
Saturday December 18th – 2pm (PWYC) & 8pm

Tickets: $20 regular
$15 students/artists/underwaged
E-mail thedopplereffect.ns@gmail.com to reserve

A nostalgic, personal and deeply touching piece, the story follows Dezzy and Logan, two children of the 1980s. Both outsiders – one due to shyness, the other because of poverty – they form a bond despite their differences: Logan is enamoured with Dezzy’s collection of toys he could never afford; Dezzy, in turn, is thrilled to have a strong friend to protect him from the threat of schoolyard bullies. But when a copy of ‘The Joy of Sex’ is stumbled upon, sparking a period of sexual discovery between them, the boys’ friendship changes and Dezzy soon finds out that being friends with Logan comes with its own dangers.

Written for the 2010 Queer Acts Theatre Festival, the show’s first run garnered much attention. The Coast’s Kate Watson wrote, “Michael McPhee’s 80’s-set coming-of-age story beautifully captures both the feel of the era and the angst of childhood.” The feedback from audience members of all communities was enthusiastic and heartfelt – playwright Lenora Steele summarizes: “Although it is on the surface about two young boys/men searching for their own identity or individuality, [Logan and I] hits home to all people trapped by their own self-defeating rituals.”

Now is your chance to see for yourself!

Featuring Glen Matthews as Logan and Michael McPhee as Dezzy, ‘LOGAN AND I’ is directed by Eastern Front Theatre’s Scott Burke and produced/assistant directed by Annie Valentina. It is designed by Nathan Pilon (sound) and Evan Brown (set/lights).

‘LOGAN AND I’ is The Doppler Effect’s first company project. Comprised of Creative Director Michael McPhee and Artistic Producer Annie Valentina, The Doppler Effect hopes to continue functioning as a conduit for compelling original work in Atlantic Canada.

Hope to see you in a couple weeks!

Here’s the link to the LOGAN AND I Facebook Event Page.


I owe a large amount of thanks to my fellow creators who also worked on LOGAN AND I, Michael McPhee (Writer/Actor), Scott Burke (Director), and Annie Valentina (Producer), thank you all so much for making the past 4 weeks as painless as possible. I say “painless” because it’s been a couple years since I’ve done theatre (not counting last month’s Once Upon an Evening of Short Plays), and I was fully aware how catostrophically disastarous a return to theatre could be after such a long absence.

Four weeks after the fact, I am now fully convinced: theatre is a completely different beast than film.

I am honestly so honored to have played the part of Logan in LOGAN AND I, Michael really has written a beautiful play with a strong universal theme running throughout it. Going into the run of the show, I didn’t realize or appreciate just how universal it was until I talked to the people who were in audience and I was really moved by what they had to say.

Forgive my sentimentality, I know it has no place on the hatred-filled-internetz.

In other fun news, I got my first reference in a review (baby-steps) as Kate Watson from The Coast said “Actor Glen Matthews brings the perfect amount of a vulnerability to the damaged Logan, so that he’s painted in shades of grey rather than being seen only as a villain.

Back pat.

Let’s end on that note, shall we? Thank you to everyone involved in the Queer Acts Festival, especially Adam Reid, and all of the volunteers who I pretended that I was cooler than (I wasn’t); congrats to the other two shows, you inspired my heterosexual ass!

Fare thee well.