In celebration of MOBY DICK‘s recent broadcast debut, as well as it’s release on DVD and BluRay (you can purchase it now on Amazon.com), I’d like to share with you a few of my scenes from the 3 hour mini-series…

I picked up my DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack earlier this week, and it has been safely protected by Woody ever since…

A newer feature that I’m incorporating into the blog here on out is the addition of past blog entries for specific projects; so if you like, you can now travel back in time (magic) and read up on the project from way back when I first began blogging about it.

So for instance, you can go back and read about when I first found out that I was cast in MOBY DICK (read: INSERT DICK JOKE below). Internet magic!



As of today, Mike Barker‘s 3-hour mini-series, based on the classic novel MOBY DICK, is now available to purchase on BluRay and DVD on Amazon.com. BluRay link & DVD link.

Despite my insisting, each copy of the film will not be accompanied by a limited edition Glen-Matthews-bowler-hat. Sorry guys, I tried.

I finally got a chance to sit down and watch the entire thing, and I can easily put my stamp of approval on this one. Pick it up!


Mike Barker‘s 3-hour mini-series MOBY DICK had it’s premiere last week (Part 1 aired on the 8th, Part 2 the 15th) on Australian Television to rave reviews. If you’re in Australia, you can watch both parts on ABC1’s iView website @ http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/view/761180. If you’re not in Australia, you can’t. Believe me, I tried.

I am happy to also report that my friend Maggie from down unda’ was able to snag a couple screenshots of me in action with the extreme talents of (1) Charlie Cox, and (2) Eddie Marsan

For the time being, I suppose you’ll have to take my word that that’s Marsan.

Although no date has been set for a stateside release, RHI Entertainment is handling the distribution (http://rhitv.com/movies/moby-dick-2010), so hopefully word will come from them regarding the North American premiere for our eyes to feast on.

Stay tuned, seafarers!


If you’ve found yourself unable to sleep (see above), then it’s likely because you’ve been waiting for more information on Mike Barker‘s upcoming mini-series based on Herman Melville‘s classic novel MOBY DICK that I have a part in. Wait no longer! Have a gander at the official trailer for the mini-series below…

Funny story time: I recently attended a screening of one of my favourite Canadian films, PONTYPOOL. In attendance was the star, Stephen McHattie who happens to also be one of my favourite actors. I was lucky enough to go out for a drink with him and some friends afterwards, and it was nice and all, but I couldn’t muster anything to say except for “You’re terrific” every chance I could. I’m fairly positive that I came off as a (well-meaning) tit.

It wasn’t until two weeks after the fact that I remembered that I was told that McHattie played my Father in MOBY DICK, and although we didn’t have any scenes together, it would have been a better conversation starter to say “You’re my Dad!” then “You’re terrific.” as I gazed (too long) into his eyes.

Moral of this story: remember if you’re in the same movie as someone awesome, as it will give you ammunition to not sound like a (well-meaning) tit.


Check out the video embedded below (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-yGhVTU2pA) for your first peak at the upcoming 4-hour mini-series, MOBY DICK, based on the literary classic

My character Tom (not featured in the clip) was not in the original novel by Herman Melville, and thus, will be considered blasphemy by MOBY DICK purists and internet trolls alike. Bring it.

Enjoy, and share…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Still no word on a release date for the mini-series. Will keep you posted.

PS. My co-star from THE CORRIDOR, Jim Gilbert has a large, large role in the mini-series, and also a large, large beard in the mini-series.


Today at 12:00pm, the Atlantic Film Festival released their beautiful companion guide-book, which means that the full lineup and the showtimes for the 30th annual festival have now been released. So here’s where you can see my pretty mug from September 16th to the 26th…

THE CORRIDOR – Wednesday the 22nd, 7:00pm at Empire Theatres, Park Lane Cinema 8. For more info and tickets: http://atlantic.bside.com/2010/films/thecorridor_atlantic2010

BLUSH RESPONSE (as part of ATLANTIC SHORTS 4) – Monday the 20th at 9:20pm at Empire Theatres, Park Lane Cinema 8. Also a FREE SCREENING Thursday the 23rd, 12:00pm at Park Lane Cinema 4. For more info and tickets: http://atlantic.bside.com/2010/films/atlanticshorts4_atlantic2010

CRACKER FACTORY script table-read (as part of SCRIPT OUT LOUD BY CORY BOWLES) – Friday the 17th, 12:00pm at The Carleton. For more info and tickets: http://atlantic.bside.com/2010/films/scriptoutloudwithcorybowlesicrackerfactoryi_atlantic2010

The lineup of films this year really is loaded, after skimming over the program a couple times, my must-see list in no particular order thus far includes: DOG POUND (film shot in New Brunswick, watch the intense trailer), FAITH FRAUD & MINIMUM WAGE (written by THE CORRIDOR’s scribe Josh MacDonald), FUBAR 2 (Give’r), HOWL (James Franco playing Alan Ginsberg), LET ME IN (remake of the perfect Swedish film, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN), LIGHT IS THE DAY (local filmmaker Laura Dawe’s first feature film made it into the fest!), TRIGGER (Bruce MacDonald plus Daniel MacIvor has to be a winning combination), SEA WOLF (shot in Halifax by MOBY DICK director Mike Barker).

Like I said, I only skimmed over the program a couple times, so I’ll likely be lining up for some other films.

Get yer butts in sum seats. Y’hear?

PS. I’m a total graphic design nerd, and I love the new AFF logo!

Blog On!

In the interest of keeping content flowing onto the blog (it’s been two god-forsaken weeks since the last update), I wanted to share with you an amazing clip from a movie I recently watched…

Before I get to that, I need to tell you that when I was cast in MOBY DICK, I wasn’t told much in regards to the casting, so going into my first big shoot I had no idea who I’d be acting with. I had heard that Ethan Hawke was going to be in the film, as was Charlie Cox (who I knew from STARDUST), but that was it.

My first scene was opposite of a British actor who I recognized, but I wasn’t sure what from. And I’m glad that I didn’t remember. It turned out that the man I was acting opposite of was Eddie Marsan, two-time winner of Britain’s top honors for Best Supporting Actor in HAPPY-GO-LUCKY (2008) and VERA DRAKE (2004).

Check out his ridiculously stacked IMDb page here.

So I wanted to show you a clip from HAPPY-GO-LUCKY which showcases Marsan’s heavyweight talents, so you can also revel in awe with me…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Forgive me if this blog entry seems to make no sense, it’s just that lately I’ve constantly been forced to reassess how damn lucky I really am to be doing this for a living, and how much I love it to work with talented people who love to do it too.

I’ll have another exciting blog update this week! Stay tuned.