I am very excited to share with you today, Ian BurnsBLUSH RESPONSE, the NSCAD Thesis film I was co-featured in last year along with Picnicface’s own Cheryl Hann. The dramatic short (18 minutes in length) explores the relationships we build with strangers, and how well they hold up when things start to fall apart.

The film played at both the most recent Atlantic Film Festival and the Montreal World Film Festival.

Written / Directed by: Ian Burns, Starring: Cheryl Hann / Glen Matthews, Produced by: Andrew Hicks / John Hillis, Cinematography by: Liam Higgins, Featuring Music by: Rich Aucoin

I’m really happy with this, so please, enjoy the film and pass it along to your friends and enemies…

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I just received the inspiring news that Ian BurnsBLUSH RESPONSE (starring myself & Cheryl Hann) will be in the lineup for the 2010 Montreal World Film Festival. As soon as you enter the word “World” into the equation, things always get exponentially better (unless your talking about ‘War’ or ‘Plagues’).


The festival takes place between August 26th and September 6th, but screening times & venues will be announced later on. Until then, why don’tcha just go and give the BLUSH RESPONSE trailer another viewing…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Seacrest, out.

Final Blush Response Poster

Ian Burns has created the final poster for his short film BLUSH RESPONSE, which stars Cheryl Hann along with my-friendly-self. Catch a screening this Thursday at Empire Park Lane 8 at 6:30 along with an awesome lineup of other NSCAD Thesis films.

Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details, and more awesome posters from the short films being shown!

Updated NSCAD Poster

There’s no real new information here, I just had to pass along this gorgeous gem of graphic design groovy-ness created by Liam Higgins for the NSCAD Thesis Film Screening! This is the 2nd and (I presume) final poster for April 22nd’s screening.

I starred alongside Cheryl Hann in BLUSH RESPONSE, so get yer butt to the screening and support local filmmakers.

Blush Response Screening

Hey folks! I’m all sorts of excited to invite you to the screening of NSCAD’s Thesis Films on Wednesday, April 22nd at 6:30pm at Empire Theatres Park Lane. Five dollars for a stupid amount of quality filmmaking!

Included in the night’s lineup is BLUSH RESPONSE (by Ian Burns), which I acted in alongside Cheryl Hann, Sher Clain and Geoff Ball. I saw the rough cut last week while doing ADR (click hurr for photo), and I’m very pleased with what I was shown.

Here’s the complete list of films being shown on the 22nd….

AGE OF CONSENT – written/directed by Sarah Frazier
BUCKSHOT – written/directed by Gabriel Jablanczy
CHANGE OVER – written/directed by Liam Higgins
BLUSH RESPONSE – written/directed by Ian Burns
STU & FITZ GO TO HELL – written/directed by Jenna Ross
JULIA – written/directed by Emily Muise

The last few years, this event has really filled up the theatre, so make sure to get your tickets as soon as they’re made available!

See you at the movies! *Star-wipe*

Blush Response Stills

BLUSH RESPONSE, the NSCAD Thesis film I shot a few weeks ago (along with Picnicface’s own Cheryl Hann) has released a handful of production stills on the film’s Facebook group for your viewing pleasure. Here’s a few of them…

Click here to be magically transported to the Facebook group / where you can view the rest of the photos! The film is going to have a screening in Halifax in April. Stay tuned; I dare you.

Blush Responsibly

One of the silver linings in regards to this whole sucker-punch incident is the fact that I wrapped principal photography for BLUSH RESPONSE less than 24 hours before the stupidity ensued. Blush Response, starring myself & Cheryl Hann, is a NSCAD Thesis film written & directed by Ian Burns.

Fun fact: Ian Burns also has an awesome t-shirt design that purchased from him, check it oot…

…Moving on.

I was really excited to be cast in this short because (1) it had a really strong script, (2) it was unlike anything else that I’ve ever played before, and (3) NSCAD has been producing some really strong Thesis Films as of late; that’s not taking anything away from you NSCC or Centre for Arts & Tech, I love you all equally.

The film depicts two lost souls – May (Ms. Hann), a talented artist, and Mark (that’s me), an ambitious business man – who are unexpectedly stranded together when their train out of town is delayed. Since it is a short film, I shall refrain from telling you any more.

The film will have a screening in Halifax in April. More details will follow.

We shot for 6 straight days, which was refreshingly exhausting (I meant what I said). Click below to view a selection of photos from the shoot (taken by Jessica Golding)…

With MOBY DICK, RIGHTEOUS, & BLUSH RESPONSE behind me and with HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN on the horizon, this is looking like it’s going to be a really fun year!