During my most recent stay in Halifax, I met up with professional photographer Riley Smith ( to take some new headshots. Naturally, we ended up screwing around for a few hours, and came up with some of these…

That may or may not have been Tobias Funke in there. I refuse to confirm or deny.

I had myself a great time working with Riley for the day, and can fully recommend that you do the same if you’re in need of photographs of your facial area. Check out Riley’s website @


GlenJM Photo-ography!

For Christmas, I decided to treat myself to a brand-spanking-new Canon Rebel Digital SLR camera!.. Afterall, anything Avril Lavigne endorses will forever be welcomed into my household.

For my first photographic assignment, I decided to head to my old stomping grounds: The Lunenburg War Memorial Arena and take some photos of some intense hockey action…

Please enjoy these photos of young boys…

More to come! I’ll make sure to post photos from Sundance (Jan. 15th-25th) when I go down! PEACE.