With Halloween fast approaching, you’re probably looking for daily “spook fix”, well look no further because Colin MacDonald‘s PRESENCE, which I co-wrote, produced and starred in, is now available on the internet. Be warned, there is disturbing content (ie. “spook fix”).

PRESENCE tells the story of Kyle, a struggling musician who may be losing his grip on reality when he starts hearing strange noises, imperceptible to those around him.

And if you’re still thirsting for some more spook (y’sick bastards), be sure to check out Josh MacDonald‘s GAME, which was named a Vimeo Staff Pick earlier this year…



Another year, another Atlantic Film Festival lineup release! For the 33rd annual AFF, my smug mug will be featured in five films! Four shorts (two of which I also produced), and a feature film. I’m a proud [metaphorical] poppa. Here’s a roundup:

BUNKER 6, feature film – September 14th at 9:45pm at Park Lane – This is Greg Jackson‘s feature film directorial debut that we shot inside of an actual nuclear fallout bunker in Debert, Nova Scotia. Incredible ensemble cast lead by the oh-so talented Andrea Lee Norwood. More info / tickets:

PRESENCE, short film – September 14th at 2:00pm as part of Atlantic Shorts 2 – Colin MacDonald and myself have been working together for a long time (see: our Video Difference commercial), so when Colin came to me with a really clever idea for a horror / psychological thriller, we teamed up and made it happen (I acted and produced). Super proud of this one. More info / tickets:

PLAY AGAIN, short film – September 15th at 3:30pm & September 17th at 4:30pm as part of Atlantic Shorts 5 – Pat Campbell is a damn good man. This is a commonly known fact amongst many in the Halifax film community, so when the time came for Pat to direct his thesis film at NSCC, I was delighted to learn he had me in mind for a part in his pinball / Twilight Zone movie. More info / tickets:

FOAM DRIVE RENEGADES and THE LUCKIEST MOST UNLUCKY MAN IN THE WORLD, short films – September 14th at 4:30pm & September 18th at 4:30pm as part of Atlantic Shorts 3 – Fresh off the heels of it’s world premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia Fest, Adam DeViller‘s FOAM DRIVE RENEGADES will drop it’s thug puppetry at Park Lane. Walter Forsyth‘s LUCKIEST, which I also produced, was my opportunity to finally play my own version of Mr. Bean, so yeah, I hope the bruises were worth it. More info / tickets:

Each of these shorts programs are loaded with other shorts that I’m dying to see (I’m looking at you, Ashley McKenzie‘s STRAY), so take some time and have a look at the AFF’s program so far. The opening night gala is Don McKeller‘s THE GRAND SEDUCTION, which was shot in Newfoundland, starring Brendan frickin’ Gleeson. I’m all over that.

See you at the movies, nerds!


As of last weekend, Colin MacDonald‘s short film, PRESENCE, is shot and moving swiftly into post-production. In the film, I play Kyle, a musician who begins to question his sanity when his hearing starts to go and something else takes it’s place.

Photographer Krista Comeau ( came to the set and took a few photos…

Me asking writer/director Colin MacDonald what he thinks about my chest…

Co-star Natasha MacLellan staring at something that’s probably creepy…

Oh, and this guy again…

So as I said earlier, PRESENCE is currently in post-production, which is what brings me to my next point: donations! Mr. Colin MacDonald is many things, writer, director, Father, but one thing he unfortunately is not, is made of money. This is why we need you to help out and toss a few shekels into the pot to finish this little big film off.

So head on over to Foster Avenue Productions‘ website for more set photos and your opportunity to collect a variety of perks for donating!

For now, check out this teaser that MacDonald put together before filming…


This is officially the year of many hats for myself, after Writing and Directing my first short film, ROOM SERVICE, and Associate Producing THE LUCKIEST MOST UNLUCKY GUY IN THE WORLD, I will now be Producing Colin MacDonald‘s PRESENCE.

PRESENCE tells the story of Kyle, a struggling musician who may be losing his grip on reality when he starts hearing strange noises, imperceptible to those around him.

Personally, I’ve worked with Colin a bunch of times as an actor and it’s always been a pleasure. I’m excited to help him bring this script, which I think is his strongest to date, to the big screen.

We’ll be shooting in Halifax in late-Fall, early-Winter with the cast to be announced.

For now, MacDonald has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help make this film a possibility. Contribute if you can.

More info @ Foster Avenue Productions.

Update: 08/18/12 – Teaser trailer added…