I hope you’re wearing your laughing pants, because Cineplex has the premiere of the ROLLER TOWN trailer, available for your viewing right here!

Picnicface’s debut feature-film has been making the festival rounds (it’ll be playing Montreal’s Fantasia Fest on July 29th) for close to a year now, and will be hitting cinemas nationwide on September 21st!

But seriously, please don’t watch this film without your laughing pants on. You’re going to really make a mess.


Update – July 30th, 2012: The first review from Fantasia Fest has just come in, and Twitch Film says “Damn. Roller Town is a funny, funny movie.” Read full review @

Update – August 8th, 2012: Picnicface just released yet another trailer for ROLLER TOWN:

The film will be available on iTunes and Digital on Demand in the United States o’ America on August 14th, and in Canadian theatres on September 21st!



Picnicface’s feature film ROLLER TOWN, wherein I do that acting thing I do, is having a screening in Halifax on Wednesday, June 6th at Park Lane.

But Glen, you ask “I’ve already seen ROLLER TOWN at the Atlantic Film Festival, or some other film festival, why would I want to see it again? Oh also, you were really, really good in it, too! Like, so good!”

Firstly, thank you. Secondly, this is the first public screening of the Director’s Cut, which I know in some cases doesn’t mean much at all, but in this one it does. I’ve seen both cuts, and this one gets the thumbs up from me.

Here’s the link to the Facebook event page for those of you who are into that kind of thing:

Lastly, Picnicface just had their television show cancelled. I really don’t think they can handle you not showing up to their movie. /GUILT.exe


Picnicface’s highly anticipated feature film, ROLLER TOWN will kick down the doors to start off the 31st Annual Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax next month! The film stars Mark Little, Kayle Lorette, George Basil, them Picnicface folks, as well as an appearance by myself (see headband above).

Picnicface is undoubtedly on all sorts o’ fire with their upcoming television series also set to debut August 31st on The Comedy Network (sneak preview episode – click here for more info).

September 15th, prepare yourself for the lulz.

Stay tuned to for ticketing and scheduling info!


Check out the manly beard that I was rocking last September during my taped interview for Eastlink Television’s ATLANTIC FILMMAKERS hosted by John Scott. The interview is currently running on Eastlink Television, or if you have Eastlink OnDemand, you can simply go into the menu and select my episode.

I remember being fairly nervous for no real reason. It was not a good warmup for Regis. Overall though, I had a fun time with Mr. Scott. I still haven’t seen the interview (me being in Ontario and whatnot), but I’ve been told that Eastlink will get me a copy of it in a few weeks, so once they do that, I’ll put it up on the blog.

Fun fact: this is the beard that makes an appearance in the upcoming ROLLER TOWN (by Picnicface).

In other news, it’s been a damned-month since I updated the blog, and that is my definition of unacceptable. It’s been a fun month, I finished my first short screenplay in ages, which is currently being re-written, and also I had a brief stay back home in Nova Scotia to finish working on ONLY HUMAN, a feature film I started shooting three years ago.

Lots of fun on the horizon, stay tuned!


As a firm believer in the talents of the sketch comedy group Picnicface, I donated some of my hard earned moneyz to their fundraiser. They are currently in the process of raising as much money as possible in preparation for their feature length film ROLLER TOWN.

Their website has a wonderful breakdown of what your donation amount will buy you ( I ponied up twenty five dollars for a Photoshop’d picture of Brian Macquarrie wearing me as a hat.

Worth every damn Canadian penny.

Remember, a donation towards ROLLER TOWN’s fundraiser is a donation to an awesome movie from the future. Have a little faith, these people can bring the lawlz.

PS. Check out this amazing rap by Cheryl Hann and Mark Little about a generous donater named Phillipe Dupuis…


Picnicface’s ROLLER TOWN is now gearing up to develop their two minute faux-trailer into a full-blown, full-length feature film shooting in Halifax next month. Much the same as Jason Eisener‘s HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, their short trailer turned feature film included one thing…

Me, baby. Me.

You put me in your project, and I will skyrocket that puppy into Hollywoodland quicker than you can say “Who doesn’t mind showing their ass on camera?”

So either I have the magic/voodoo touch, or I’m just a lucky bastard who has managed to work with some really talented folks.

Regardless, Picnicface is looking for funding for ROLLER TOWN, and they are looking to you to donate some of your hard-earned dollars; but lucky for you, they have some pretty amazing rewards for those of you looking to share some love…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But seriously, c’mon, I am magic.

Roller Town!

Andrew Bush & Picnicface‘s ( Roller Town has just been released to the internatz. I dawned a pair of roller skates for a couple days and provided some sexual nudity for the film.

Here’s a direct link to the video (if you have any trouble watching it, leave a comment, it’s a link through Facebook and I’m not sure if it’ll work or not):
Vodpod videos no longer available.