After its extensive film festival run, ROOM SERVICE (2012), the first short film I wrote and directed, is now online for your viewing as part of The National Screen Institute’s Online Film Festival.

A woman (Vanessa Walton-Bone) confronts her husband’s mistress (Molly Dunsworth) in a motel room with unexpected results…

The film has had one heck of a journey, being a finalist for CBC’s national competition, Short Film Face-Off, being named First-Runner Up for Best Short Film at the Cleveland International Film Festival, and more, all for a short that was made for $750.

Very proud of this film, and all of the hard work that so many incredibly talented people put into it, so, if you haven’t had the chance yet, please take five minutes and enjoy ROOM SERVICE…

Late last year we unfortunately lost Vanessa Walton-Bone to cancer. She was an incredible performer and even more so an incredible person. If there was one thing I can take away from this experience and be thankful for, it’s the chance to have worked with a true beauty, in every possible meaning of the word. I’m thrilled to throw this film onto the giant pile of “things that Vanessa was awesome in”. Much love.

Hope I didn’t make you sad there. It’s a celebration.

Thanks for watching.

Link to the NSI’s page for ROOM SERVICE: http://www.nsi-canada.ca/2014/02/room-service/



Today, I am so damn proud to announce that ROOM SERVICE, my first film as a writer and director, has been accepted to the 32nd Annual Atlantic Film Festival!

The film tells the story of a woman (Vanessa Walton Bone) confronting her husband’s mistress (Molly Dunsworth) in a motel room with unexpected results.

From day one, this was my goal, to play the AFF and show this film to the community my community in Halifax.

ROOM SERVICE will be playing Tuesday, September 18th, 7:00pm at Park Lane Cinemas as part of the CBC Atlantic Shorts Gala. Tickets available here: http://atlantic.bside.com/2012/films/cbcatlanticshortsgala0_atlantic2012_atlantic2012 The festival runs from September 13th to the 20th in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In the best interests of staying in “the know”, the official ROOM SERVICE Facebook page has been launched @ facebook.com/RoomServiceFilm so give us a Like there and a Follow @RoomServiceFilm on Twitter!


Again, a huge thank you to the official Thank You Club of folks who either donated funds, or helped us in any, many other ways. Your names will be in the credits. Pinky swear.

Also thank you to Samantha Wilson, Mauralea Austin, my crew Andrew Hicks, Ian Burns, Liam Higgins, Maria DeRozari, Lauren Bell and Egg Films who are currently assisting us in giving our film the final polish it needs to play this and many other fests.

If you see me in the next few weeks, there’s a big likelihood that I’ll have a huge, dumb grin plastered on my face.

ALSO: Josh MacDonald‘s GAME (GameShortFilm.com), which I have a part in, will be playing as part of Atlantic Shorts 3 on Saturday, September 15th at 9:20pm.

So honoured to be a part of this, hope to see you at the fest!


Pictured above: Perhaps the dirtiest mutton-chops that ever did chop.

Remember a few weeks when I uploaded a behind-the-scenes video that was password protected and solely for the enjoyment for those of you who donated money to my directorial debut ROOM SERVICE?

Well it’s time to reward my freeloading fans as well, as you can now watch the ROOM SERVICE Making-Of video even if you didn’t donate funds (it’s okay… I know you donated your prayers)…


For those of you who are members of “The Glen Matthews Thank You Club”, I’ve uploaded a second video to thank you for your contribution to ROOM SERVICE. You should have received an email with a password that allows you to watch the video below…


That’s all for now! Members of “The Club” (yeah, we’re cool enough to call it that) will be privy to a rough cut of ROOM SERVICE in a few weeks! Fun, right? Right? I hope it’s fun. You’re so fickle…


I am happy to announce that as of 2:00am this morning, ROOM SERVICE, my first legitimate short film that I’ve written and directed, is “in the can”. That’s film-speak for “my film is shot… hoo-ray”.

I’m not trying to discount any of my previous directorial offerings, MUGSHOTS, SEPARATE WAYS, or JOG OR DIE, but I mean it when I say that ROOM SERVICE is my first shot at making a legitimate film with a budget, a professional cast, a professional crew operating professional gear. This is a far cry from me, my friends, and a Hi-8 camcorder making dick jokes.

ROOM SERVICE, which tells the story of a Wife confronting her husband’s mistress in a hotel room, will enter post-production shortly and endure a lengthy editing process. I’m so incredibly pleased with what we filmed over the past two days, we’re going to take our time getting everything right.

I would like to thank my cast (a million times over), Vanessa Walton Bone, Molly Dunsworth, Samantha Wilson and Mauralea Austin, as well as my crew, my Assistant Director, Ian Burns; Producer, Andrew Hicks; Director of Photography, Liam Higgins; Sound, Lauren Bell; and Wardrobe, Maria DeRozari. Thank you all for going above and beyond in helping me realize my vision.

For those of you who have helped me in the funding department, I haven’t forgotten about you. You’re now officially a part of the “Thank You Club”. I’ll be sending you a behind-the-scenes video in a few days, and as time goes on, I’ll be sharing a rough-cut or two for your private viewing pleasure. Nothing but the best for my family.

In related news, ACTRA Toronto’s monthly magazine, Performer’s, gave us a shout-out for our crowd-sourcing endeavour. Fun fun!

That’s all for now, I’m still coming down from the seemingly eternal high of directing a script that I wrote. I can’t thank those who have helped me enough. Really, I can’t.

More to come!


UPDATE – AUGUST 10/11: We’ve reached our goal of $750! Thank you to all who donated!

Hello ladies & gents! A new video for your eyeballs today announcing the rest of my cast (does the lady above look familiar?) and a new incentive!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Indie-GoGo fund-raising has been progressing exquisitely: just last night, $150 was donated to the cause, pushing us within $85 of our $750 goal!

Time is running out for our new incentive: donate ANYTHING and you’ll be sent a private link on October 1, containing a behind-the-scenes video of ROOM SERVICE!

Head on over to Indie-GoGo right now to donate, or share!