The Coast, Halifax’s beloved weekly newspaper, 20 years going, recently released their Best Of Halifax Awards, and the people of this fine city voted for me as the “Best Male Film/TV Actor“! A huge honour for which I am all sorts bashful. Read the write-up below…

If you attended the Atlantic Film Festival this year, you may have noticed that Glen Matthews is a machine. He had a busy year, and AFF was evidence of that—six movies he worked on, including Saving Face (which he wrote, directed and starred in) and features Heartbeat and Lure put his face all over the silver screen that week. With all his spare time (har har), he also worked TV shows Sex and Violence and Seed and won a competition to appear in a Robert Rodriguez short. He does it all, but says perhaps it’s time for a breather. “I realized a few months ago that I think I’m ready to take a step back from acting,” says Matthews of what’s next for him. “I feel like I’m at a buffet, and I’m making the responsible decision to not eat any more. I’ll always act, because I love it, especially with friends, but I’m ready to find that next passion in my life.”

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In other news, FLAG ON THE PLAY picked up it’s third consecutive win for Best Web Production!

Halifax! Your next (and perhaps final) chance to see my latest writing / directorial effort, SAVING FACE on the big screen will come as part of Outlier Film Festival on Saturday, November 29th. The film will be paired with DEAD SNOW 2, also known as “the zombie-Nazi film”. Always an honour to be paired with zombie-Nazis.

The festival has put together an absolutely jam-packed schedule of bizarre films, so check it out:

UPDATEDEC. 16 / 14: SAVING FACE has won the Outlier Film Fest’s Audience Award for Best Short Film! Huzzah!

Production has started on OutTV’s second season of SEX & VIOLENCE. I cannot confirm if I will be violent and / or sexy (no spoilers), but I will be taking part in the show again.

Missed the first season? Well don’t you worry because iTunes has the entire thing! See? I told you not to worry.



Whoa! I have been voted as Halifax’s Favourite Film/Television Actor by the readers of The Coast, Halifax’s most widely read free newspaper/magazine. This is an incredible honour that I accept with shameful, nerd-like enthusiasm (indicated above with Simba singing “Oh I just can’t wait to be king”).

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They used to call James Brown the Hardest-Working Man in Show Business. Now that moniker belongs to Glen Matthews. Check this: He was in *Hobo with a Shotgun* (the fake trailer and the feature), *The Corridor*, *Roller Town* and the TV series *Haven.* He treads the boards locally on a regular basis—he was nominated for a Merritt Award last year for his work in *Logan and I* and this month he’ll be in Halifax Theatre for Young People’s *In the Fall*. And he acts in short films, including Josh MacDonald’s Bridge Award short *Game,* Cory Bowles’ *Righteous* and he directed his first short film recently, *Room Service*. He feels good, as he knew he would. Get down with his bad self at

The move to Toronto (I won’t lie) has been a tough one. Uprooting myself from my home, my love, my friends, my family, in search of an intangible goal is a difficult task to maintain and stand behind without instant gratification. This serves as a wonderful reminder that while I may not be here with you in Halifax, that you incredible bastards are still standing behind me, cheering me on.

Thank you Halifax, I am truly feeling the love.

If you’re free tonight (Thursday, November 3rd), come on out to The Coast’s Best Of Awards at The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic at 6:30pm. Click here to download your invite:

If you voted for me, please tell me. I owe you a big hug.

Update (11/6/2011): WINNER (See below)!


I am so very honoured to share with you the fact that I have been nominated for Theatre Nova Scotia’s Robert Merritt Award in the category of Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor for my involvement in LOGAN AND I. Wow.

Honestly, this is such an honour for me. The Merritts are voted on by a committee of artists involved in the arts community, which makes this so very special to me. Thank you.

Theatre Nova Scotia’s Executive Director Chris Shore announced the nominees on CBC’s program Mainstreet earlier today. In the acting categories (sorry, I couldn’t type up all of the rest, I hope they’ll be online soon) the nominees are…

Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor
-Anthony Black, Invisible Atom, 2B Theatre
-Glen Matthews, Logan and I, Doppler Effect
-Michael McPhee, Fat Pig, Plutonium Playhouse
-Graham Percy, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-Robert Seale, The Woman in Black, Valley Summer

Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress
-Deb Allen, Cloudburst, Plutonium Playhouse
-Mary Colin Chisholm, Woman & the Scarecrow, Luna Sea
-Susan Leblanc, Five Easy Steps, Zuppa
-Jennifer Overton, Fall in Paris, Eastern Front
-Jackie Torrens, Seven Stories, Neptune

Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress
-Jessica Barry, Fat Pig, Plutonium
-Burgandy Code, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-Amy Reitsma, Julius Caesar, Dapopo
-Sherry Smith, Woman & the Scarecrow, Luna Sea
-Susan Stackhouse, Rabbit Hole, Neptune

Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor
-John Beale, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-John Dart, Merlin, Halifax Theatre/Young People
-Ryan Doucette, Cloudburst, Plutonium
-Matthew Lumley, Fat Pig, Plutonium
-Scott Owen, Twelfth Night, Shakespeare by the Sea

Big huge congrats to my LOGAN AND I fellow-performer Michael McPhee for his nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor for FAT PIG, and for LOGAN AND I’s nomination for Best New Play (so happy for this one), and to my frequent collaborator/long-time friend Jessica Barry, nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress in FAT PIG.
Congratulations to everyone; I’m so happy to be acknowledged along with so many people who I know and admire. Fantastic.

The Merritt Awards ( take place March 28th, 8pm at Alderney Landing Theatre.


Today’s new-edition of The Coast (Halifax’s weekly newspaper) features a story written by Kate Watson on the LOGAN AND I re-mount set to take place in 6 days (December 15th).

In the article, my LOGAN AND I co-star Michael McPhee had some really wonderful things to say about me…

“I’m really glad that we could do the show again with Glen, because I can see that he is on the verge of being a really big Canadian film guy,” says McPhee. “He’s got a kind of Gary Oldman, chameleon quality going, and if you see his work on The Corridor,”—-a 2010 horror film shot locally and written by Josh MacDonald—-“you’ll know pretty soon it’s going to be next to impossible to snag any of his time.”

Sadly, the entire article isn’t about me (dear god, please know that I’m being sarcastic). McPhee goes on in the article to say that he feels he never quite hit that “one perfect show” that every actor strives for during a run, and I must admit feeling the same way.

I won’t beg you, but I will strongly suggest you come see this show that I am so proud to be a part of. Honestly, after talking to people in the community who’ve seen the show, this has been one of the most rewarding projects I’ve worked on in my [short] career.

Logan and I runs December 15-18, 8pm, with a 2pm PWYC matinee on December 18. Tickets are $15-$20, available through

Read the full Coast story over @

PS. Isn’t that a clever title? Good work, Coast people!


Hey folks, two quick updates for the day! First up, I’ve added a Press section to the blog (hence the title-pun) where I will put all of my news clippings, reviews, and other things that my Mother would usually put into a scrapbook for your convenient viewing.

I recently received a review of my performance in Evan Kelly‘s THE CORRIDOR from The Coast/Globe & Mail writer Carsten Knox (, which I would like to share with you now…

One of the strengths of The Corridor is in the ensemble, five young actors who entirely convince as friends who’ve known each other for years, slipping into old dynamics as they reunite to help one of their number regain some semblance of normalcy. In the jocular relationship between the guys, Glen Matthews’ Jim “Hugs” Huggan is perhaps the most mature and evolved, with an off-screen wife with whom he’s struggling to start a family. Matthews manages to deftly communicate both the adult side of Jim and the bullied, still-sensitive youth underneath. He’s the guy who wants to be cool with his friends, to be an equal, but still suffers for a lack of esteem given his inability to impregnate his wife, a sensitivity with roots back to whenever he earned the nickname “Hugs.” Matthews makes Jim his own, and later, when things go bad for all the friends, his spiral into madness is strange and frightening.

Check out the Press page by either clicking the link in the top right hand corner of the blog, or by clicking right here: So many options!

That’s all for now. Scroll down for the other update. Now!


Whoa! I got a phone call from my lady-friend earlier this morning asking if I happened to stumble upon The Coast’s (Halifax’s Weekly Newspaper) Best-Of Awards. Turns out I’ve been named 1st Runner-Up for Halifax’s favourite Film/Television Actor by the readers of The Coast!

Who’s number one? It appears that Halifax has a certain affection for John Dunsworth (Mr. Lahey from THE TRAILER PARK BOYS, and most recently Dave Teagues on HAVEN), winning his third title in four years. I also happen to have an affection and admiration for the man, so I am perfectly content and honored with my runner-up position.

Also in the winner’s circle is three films I’ve worked on: the Best Film award went to HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, while the 1st runner-up went to ROLLER TOWN, and 2nd runner-up was THE CORRIDOR (the only one of the three that is actually finished).

I was completely taken aback by this. Honestly. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, and to The Coast for hosting such a wonderful and legitimate forum of celebrating the many varied and talented folks who live in (or are FROM!) Halifax.

Check out the full list of awesome folks over @


Ripped from The Coast’s website @

Logan and I: sexual dealings at Queer Acts

The Doppler Effect’s first production takes a look back at those early days of sexual awareness from a male perspective.

Posted by Kate Watson on Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 5:47 PM

Think back to your first introduction to the theoretical mechanics of sex. Whether the revelations came from your uncomfortable parents, your gleefully “well-informed” friend, or from some dog-eared magazine or well-placed pop-up, chances are you reacted with a mixture of pure disgust and nascent excitement.Logan and I, a one-act play written by actor Michael McPhee, which debuts at this year’s Queer Acts Theatre Festival, explores this time in the life of one shy boy growing up in the 1980s. It’s told through the eyes of a gay man named Dezzy (played by McPhee), who is looking back from adulthood to his sexual awakening with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks named Logan (Glen Matthews).

“One of the things that I think is most intriguing about this play is that beyond exploring sexual curiosity, it starts a discussion about intimacy between men,” says Logan director Scott Burke. “I think we’re in agreement that Logan does identify as straight while Dezzy identifies as gay, but they are clearly looking for something from each other. It’s a murky area of sexuality.”

Logan and I is produced by The Doppler Effect, a new independent production company formed by McPhee and Annie Valentina. The name, which describes a scientific principle of how you perceive a soundwave based on your perspective, was chosen to reflect the same idea in theatre. “We’re highlighting the individual experience,” Valentina says. “It’s about acknowledging that there are many different ways to look at the same thing, and producing new work that explores that.”

Both McPhee and Valentina are huge advocates of Queer Acts, saying that the festival, which is in its second year, is the perfect place to put on envelope-pushing works without taking huge risks.

“There’s so much community support, both from the independent theatre and gay communities,” says McPhee. “And we’re really lucky to have a place like the Bus Stop that supports us in putting on these small-scale, edgy works.”

Queer Acts runs nightly from July 20-23 at the Bus Stop Theatre: Logan and I at 7pm; Berend McKenzie’s nggrfg, 8:30pm; The (sad) Ballad of Oliver Hugh & Company, written and performed by Steve Bourque and Steph McNair, 10pm. All tickets are $15/$10 for students, seniors and underwaged. Also, there’s a one-night performance of DaPoPo Theatre‘s DaPride Cafe, July 19, 8pm, at Menz Bar for $5. Festival passes are available for $30 at Venus Envy; advance tickets can be reserved at qareservations@gmail