Treevenge on Attack of the Show

Quick update, I’ve gotta head into work: yesterday, the best nerd show EVER, Attack of the Show featured TREEVENGE as it’s #1 internet video of the day! Have a look below…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sadly though, super-nerd-queen Olivia Munn was gone for the day…


I feel like I was on Live with Regis & Kelly and Jerry O’Connell was there instead. Damn you O’Connell…


‘Local’ is the Word

Local filmmaker and generally cool-guy Colin MacDonald has organized the upcoming “‘Local’ is the Word” Film Screening & Art Auction as an attempt to raise funds for him upcoming film (The Withered Dead), that he hopes to shoot later on in the summer.

As part of the evening, I will be screening my piece de’ cinematic resistance, Dinner Etiquette Correctness. He also commissioned (and by ‘commissioned’ I mean ‘asked’) me to create the poster for the event. Check it out below!


Here’s a link to the Facebook event!

I have yet to see Dinner Etiquette Correctness yet in front of a crowd, so I’m pretty excited for the 10th! Come on out and support local film!

“The Top Dog” Online!

Hey people, great news, straight from the Disney Vault and available online for your viewing pleasure is Evan Elliot‘s The Top Dog, starring myself as Russell, a young man who has his comfortable dead-end life of couch surfing, home cooking and free laundry threatened by a new enemy.


This was the first film I was in that was screened in front of an audience, I remember chugging rum in the NSCAD bathroom before the screening to ease my nerves– I don’t remember much from that screening, but I believe people enjoyed it.

After that, it was screened at the Atlantic Film Festival, when, moments before it started, one of the AFF volunteers informed us that the disk had been scratched and was having some “complications”– what followed was essentially a slideshow of pixelated garbage and a headache. The original run time of 24 minutes had been dragged out close to 30 minutes. Brutal. However, the AFF offered to screen our short on another night, and that went swimmingly! I’m hoping your viewing experience is on the pleasurable side of things!

Make a sandwich and enjoy the damned movie!

Vodpod videos no longer available. THE TOP DOG –
DIRECTOR: Evan Elliot
WRITER: Evan Elliot
CAST: Glen Matthews, Alison Miur, Andrew Elliot, Mojo Widgery, Robert Single
PRODUCER: Evan Elliot
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Dan Jardine, Greg Boone

Headrush Set Photos

This past weekend I worked on Headrush, (the directorial debut from Paul McLeod) the short film tells the story of a breakup set in a world where people can blow up other people’s heads with their minds. Wacky tabackie.

The film features a kickass cast of myself, Matthew Nette, Evany Rosen, Pardis Parker, and a lovely girl named Harriet. Never asked for her last name, but for blog purposes, her last name will be: The Spy (HARRIET THE SPY, GET IT?!)

Here’s some set photos from Sunday’s shoot provided by Andrew Noseworthy



DOP Colin MacDonald (left) and Director Paul McLeod (right) set up the shot moments before we all took a five minute break to watch a pigeon eat from a hard-to-reach bird-feeder.



My “acting” face.

Jason Grant operating sound and pretending not to be sexy. Oh my, the amount of times that man heard me go to the bathroom with my lapelle mic on is pretty disturbing.


Matthew wearing the bounce as a diaper. Thanks AFCOOP!

Gore MASTER Henry Townsend gets ready to unleash an explosion of blood.

Evany Rosen is pictured here having the unfortunate duty of being first to be shot with blood.

Matthew Nette AKA Graham Chapman lookalike.




Headrush will likely see a release in the Fall, but I’ll hopefully get more stuff up on here before then!

A Tale of Irony

When I’m not busy being a Halifax film star, I have to pay the bills by working at a job (just like a regular person), and a few weeks back, I had a couple job interviews for a position at Video Difference on Quinpool. Unfortunately, two days ago, I received in the mail a letter informing me that I did not get the job. Enclosed were two free rentals to cheer my poor ass up.

Fast forward to two days ago for the silver-lining when I learned that I won The Coast‘s Oscar Prediction Pool.

My prize? $100.00 in Video Difference Gift Cards!


One hundred dollars worth of free movies that would have been worth dick-all if I got the job.

Weird, right?

Cream of the Crap Movie Reviews

Last night, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first two films with the wonderful Cream of the Crap group; their Facebook group info is as follows…

The preeminent Facebook group solely devoted to the love and preservation of cheesy, shitty B-Movies, cult classics, grindhouse flicks and genre films. We take a risk on each one of these movies; It could be a masterpiece – or it could be crap.

Our mission: to view, review and survive…The Cream of the Crap. Do you have what it takes?

The two films we watched were Rabid Grannies & Undefeatable. For the group, this was their 97th and 98th films watched and reviewed since their beginning in June ’07. That’s a lot of crap!

Review: Rabid Grannies (1988)
They love their grandchildren… well done!
This film has me a tiny bit torn –perhaps my standards are still a bit too high for Cream of the Crap, but the film took too damn long to deliver on it’s namesake. Early on you’re treated to some over-the-top British acting accompanied by some clunky American voice overs that are there to make it seem less British (thanks American distributors).

Once the grand-ladies make their villainous turn, the film kicks into gear with some pretty amazingly cheesy & brutal special effects. The time spent away from the ladies is boring, and there was even a lesbian sub plot that didn’t deliver! Shenanigans!

Coronation Street meets Evil Dead?

While the film was not the smoothest of rides, when it was going good, it definitely supplied enough gore and laughs for me to personally give it a recommendation.

STATUS: Recommended.

Review: Undefeatable (1993)
Out of the ring, into the fire… in a fight to the finish!
I honestly don’t know where to begin. I finished this film about two hours ago and I can still feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins.

Some background on the film: a clip from one of the film’s climactic battles has been arguably titled one of the best fight scenes ever, something that I can agree with. Here is the clip in question:

The film features Stingray (Don Niam) as the nemesis, a man whose professional street fighting career is ruining his home life, so much so that he rapes his wife then pretends it didn’t happen, prompting his wife Anna to leave him, thus turning him loco. He becomes a serial kidnapper/rapist/murderer of any woman that looks like his wife; oh, and he steals their eye balls because it’s fucked! It’s up to Police Officer Nick DiMarco with the help of the fiery street-fightin’ redhead Kristi Jones (a Kathy Griffin lookalike) to stop him.

The film is right in all the wrong places. Some pretty decent choreography, some absurd dialogue and one of the best endings to a film EVER.

If you want 5 high fives at once, then go watch this movie!

STATUS: WHOLE HEARTADLY RECCOMENDED! Buy it or if you must, download it @

So check out the Cream of the Crap on Facebook, so you can see which movies they’re watching and follow along with the shit!