The bad news: POEM FOR THE SMALLEST BOY, which was slated to hit the Neptune Theatre Studio Stage on November 15th and 16th has been postponed.

The good news: ACCORDING TO PLAN, will go up in it’s place, featuring myself, Jessica Barry (who was also in POEM FOR THE SMALLEST BOY), Kristin Slaney (who wrote POEM), and Griffin McInnes.

The run down: Without boring you with the tedious he said, she said details, here is a coles notes version of what went down. Two of the members of our team, Sherry Smith and Mauralea Austin, are members of Equity (the theatre performer’s union), and in order to have them work on POEM, we had to go through Equity to engage them.

Unfortunately for us, Equity was, for reasons unknown, not prepared to offer us the concessions that they generally tend to offer to companies our size (see: small), and as a result of their unwillingness to engage in reasonable negotiations, two of their members are now out of work, and three young potential Equity members are now soured on the idea of joining their union.

To be clear, I am a proud, literally card-carrying member of ACTRA, the screen actors union, so this is in no way an anti-union declaration. However, in this specific case, the union failed everyone involved.

This is damn heartbreaking. Up until about a week ago, we still thought we would be premiering this beautiful script on the 15th of November. Instead, we’re pissed off, pulling up our socks, and determined to put on a great show for the city that we love. SO:

Come on out to the Neptune Studio Theatre on November 15th or 16th to see four short plays by Kristin Slaney featuring myself, Jessica Barry, Kristin Slaney and Griffin McInnes!

UPDATE – 11/9/12:  Facebook Event page:



That’s it, that’s all. Three weeks later and THE NUN’S VACATION is done. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready to walk away from it, I’m absolutely spent, but it’s definitely bittersweet.

My life as an actor has been spent bitching about either (A) not having work, or (B) being exhausted from work. Quickly, someone tell me to shut up!

I would like to thank all of the wonderful folks who helped bring this grassroots production to life. Firstly, the play’s producers and my co-stars Sandy Duarte and Stephen Chambers – I did not envy your workload, but you absolutely pulled it off. Our militant director Jack Grinhaus. Our stage manager Tanya Rintoul, who taught me the importance of Zip Zap Zop. Alyksandra Rowynne, who showed a profound passion for hemming pants. Johnny Nghiem, who knows how to build stuff, which I cannot. Dan Huziak, who took photos of us (see above). And the writer, Tom Walmsley, who, without his witty, dirty words, none of this could have been possible.

Thank you all.

Pardon me while I now complain loudly about not having any work.


Jordan Bimm from Toronto’s most-read weekly magazine, NOW!, recently caught THE NUN’S VACATION and gave us 4 N’s out of a possible 5…

The cast is uniformly good, with Matthews standing out as funny and downright scary, and together all three make us believe in the lust and violence between every combination of characters possible.

You hear that? It’s the sound of me blushing.

Read the full review @ http://www.nowtoronto.com/stage/story.cfm?content=185938

Sonia Borkar from Mooney On Theatre also caught the play and had this to say…

For me, Glen Matthews stole the show. Talk about an outstanding performance. He blew me away with his rage and passion.

Read the full review @ http://www.mooneyontheatre.com/2012/03/26/review-the-nuns-vacation-doghouse-riley-productions/

This is easily one of my favourite characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing and I’m so happy that he seems to be striking a cord (one way or another) with the audiences.

The play is only running until April 8th, so if you’re in Toronto, I hope you can make it out and catch the show. It’s something that we’re all very proud of and want to show to as many people as possible.

Visit the Facebook Event page for more info: http://www.facebook.com/events/103523239777179/


I tried to do one of those things where you take a picture a day, and then compile it and it looks awesome, but I forgot to take photos for the first 5 days of beard-growth, so yeah, I messed up. What do you want from me?

Myself along with the cast and crew of THE NUN’S VACATION are working tirelessly to bring you a fantastic piece of theatre starting this Friday! If you’re in Toronto, I invite you to come out and take in the play between March 23rd and April 8th at The Toronto Free Gallery (1277 Bloor St. West)!

Here’s the Facebook event page for all of your info: http://www.facebook.com/events/103523239777179/

Today’s my only day off for two weeks, so please pardon the brief nature of this entry. I am going to enjoy a beer on a patio. Good day.


There are only six opportunities remaining to catch the double bill of IN THE FALL and IN THIS WORLD!

A few things I must bring up…

Firstly, this is not me trying to guilt you into coming to my show, IN THE FALL has been perhaps the most challenging piece I’ve ever worked on. The end result is something that I’m incredibly proud of and want to share with as many people (especially my peers within the theatre and film industries) as possible.

Second, while the company is called Halifax Theatre for Young People, both of it’s founders, Tessa Mendel and Chris Heide admit that these two one-act plays are not exclusively for youth. I promise you will not be forced to sing-along or watch some Doodle-Bops rip off. These are intense, personal stories that treat their audience (young and old) with respect.

Thirdly, I’ve heard a few of my friends grumble about the fact that the play is in Dartmouth (Alderney Landing), but getting there is nowhere near as difficult as you think. It’s one mere ferry ride away! And if you’re sneaky (like me), you might even be able to use your transfer to get the ride back for free (very sneaky).

So get your life in order and come see our shows! Showtimes:
  • Wednesday 16th: 7:30pm ($15 or $10 for students)
  • Thursday 17th: 7:30pm ($15 or $10 for students)
  • Friday 18th: 7:30pm ($15 or $10 for students)
  • Saturday 19th: 2:00pm ($5 each show) & 7:30pm ($15 or $10 for students)
  • Sunday 20th: 2:00pm ($5:00 each show)
More details available at the IN THE FALL / IN THIS WORLD Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=269708139735145


We are less than 24 hours away — oh wait, actually a little bit more than that; more like 30 hours away — from opening Halifax Theatre for Young People’s IN THE FALL and IN THIS WORLD. Two one-act plays, presented back to back at the Alderney Landing Centre Theatre in Dartmouth. Depending on your location, we are one convenient ferry-ride away.

We are knee-deep in tech-week, and we finally got into the space yesterday (see photo above). Our stage is fairly incredible, but I’m a jerk, so I took a photo of the seating arrangement instead.

In a conceited effort to make you come see our shows, myself and Kristin Slaney sat down and put an excessively shameless, charming video together. Enjoy…

Charmed? Good, now come see our shows!

The Chronicle Herald (I know, right?) also wrote about us earlier today… http://thechronicleherald.ca/artslife/31342-play-teens-tackles-date-rape

IN THE FALL (written by Chris Heide – Adapted from Alistair MacLeod‘s short story) features myself and Doug MacAuley, and IN THIS WORLD (written by the Canadian phenom Hannah Moscovitch) stars Kristin Slaney and Helena Pipe. Both plays are directed by Tessa Mendel.

Check out the Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=269708139735145


I am so very honoured to share with you the fact that I have been nominated for Theatre Nova Scotia’s Robert Merritt Award in the category of Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor for my involvement in LOGAN AND I. Wow.

Honestly, this is such an honour for me. The Merritts are voted on by a committee of artists involved in the arts community, which makes this so very special to me. Thank you.

Theatre Nova Scotia’s Executive Director Chris Shore announced the nominees on CBC’s program Mainstreet earlier today. In the acting categories (sorry, I couldn’t type up all of the rest, I hope they’ll be online soon) the nominees are…

Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor
-Anthony Black, Invisible Atom, 2B Theatre
-Glen Matthews, Logan and I, Doppler Effect
-Michael McPhee, Fat Pig, Plutonium Playhouse
-Graham Percy, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-Robert Seale, The Woman in Black, Valley Summer

Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress
-Deb Allen, Cloudburst, Plutonium Playhouse
-Mary Colin Chisholm, Woman & the Scarecrow, Luna Sea
-Susan Leblanc, Five Easy Steps, Zuppa
-Jennifer Overton, Fall in Paris, Eastern Front
-Jackie Torrens, Seven Stories, Neptune

Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress
-Jessica Barry, Fat Pig, Plutonium
-Burgandy Code, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-Amy Reitsma, Julius Caesar, Dapopo
-Sherry Smith, Woman & the Scarecrow, Luna Sea
-Susan Stackhouse, Rabbit Hole, Neptune

Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor
-John Beale, The Crucible, Two Planks/Passion
-John Dart, Merlin, Halifax Theatre/Young People
-Ryan Doucette, Cloudburst, Plutonium
-Matthew Lumley, Fat Pig, Plutonium
-Scott Owen, Twelfth Night, Shakespeare by the Sea

Big huge congrats to my LOGAN AND I fellow-performer Michael McPhee for his nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor for FAT PIG, and for LOGAN AND I’s nomination for Best New Play (so happy for this one), and to my frequent collaborator/long-time friend Jessica Barry, nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress in FAT PIG.
Congratulations to everyone; I’m so happy to be acknowledged along with so many people who I know and admire. Fantastic.

The Merritt Awards (http://www.merrittawards.ca/) take place March 28th, 8pm at Alderney Landing Theatre.