Once again, the time has come for me to reward those lovely people who helped me in my time of need, whilst raising funds for my directorial debut, ROOM SERVICE. I’ve come to call those fantastic people who’ve helped me, the “Thank You Club”.

Today’s offering for the Thank You Club: a very special sneak-peek of the film…

And for those of you who weren’t able to contribute funds (I still love you), but are still keen on the idea of my first film, please enjoy these stills featuring Vanessa Walton Bone and Molly Dunsworth below…

More info coming soon!



Pictured above: Perhaps the dirtiest mutton-chops that ever did chop.

Remember a few weeks when I uploaded a behind-the-scenes video that was password protected and solely for the enjoyment for those of you who donated money to my directorial debut ROOM SERVICE?

Well it’s time to reward my freeloading fans as well, as you can now watch the ROOM SERVICE Making-Of video even if you didn’t donate funds (it’s okay… I know you donated your prayers)… 

For those of you who are members of “The Glen Matthews Thank You Club”, I’ve uploaded a second video to thank you for your contribution to ROOM SERVICE. You should have received an email with a password that allows you to watch the video below… 

That’s all for now! Members of “The Club” (yeah, we’re cool enough to call it that) will be privy to a rough cut of ROOM SERVICE in a few weeks! Fun, right? Right? I hope it’s fun. You’re so fickle…


Whoa! I have been voted as Halifax’s Favourite Film/Television Actor by the readers of The Coast, Halifax’s most widely read free newspaper/magazine. This is an incredible honour that I accept with shameful, nerd-like enthusiasm (indicated above with Simba singing “Oh I just can’t wait to be king”).

Write up stolen from (…

They used to call James Brown the Hardest-Working Man in Show Business. Now that moniker belongs to Glen Matthews. Check this: He was in *Hobo with a Shotgun* (the fake trailer and the feature), *The Corridor*, *Roller Town* and the TV series *Haven.* He treads the boards locally on a regular basis—he was nominated for a Merritt Award last year for his work in *Logan and I* and this month he’ll be in Halifax Theatre for Young People’s *In the Fall*. And he acts in short films, including Josh MacDonald’s Bridge Award short *Game,* Cory Bowles’ *Righteous* and he directed his first short film recently, *Room Service*. He feels good, as he knew he would. Get down with his bad self at

The move to Toronto (I won’t lie) has been a tough one. Uprooting myself from my home, my love, my friends, my family, in search of an intangible goal is a difficult task to maintain and stand behind without instant gratification. This serves as a wonderful reminder that while I may not be here with you in Halifax, that you incredible bastards are still standing behind me, cheering me on.

Thank you Halifax, I am truly feeling the love.

If you’re free tonight (Thursday, November 3rd), come on out to The Coast’s Best Of Awards at The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic at 6:30pm. Click here to download your invite:

If you voted for me, please tell me. I owe you a big hug.

Update (11/6/2011): WINNER (See below)!


Well, that didn’t take long! Wow. I am absolutely flattered by the generosity of the contributors so far. 24 hours in and you have helped me raise $185 (towards our $750 goal)! Not a bad start, whatsoever.

As we move along and raise more money, we’ll hit certain milestones wherein I’ll reveal information regarding the production. We have already passed our first milestone: $100! Thank you.

As promised, I will now introduce my leading lady: Vanessa Walton Bone.

Currently based out of Halifax, NS, Vanessa is originally from jolly ol’ England, and we all know that’s where the best actors come from.

I wrote the part with her in mind, so to have her on board is a huge step towards realizing my vision. I’ve been slowly made aware of her in the past couple years, catching her in a couple of short films, and then seeing her on stage at Plutonium Playhouse in SPLINTERS, as well as Luna Sea’s production of TOP GIRLS. She’s an absolute grade A talent.

This brings us to our next order of business: the next Milestone! Once we hit $350, I will reveal the synopsis of ROOM SERVICE! I’ll spill the beans and tell you what this damned thing is all about!

So please, keep donating, keep spreading the word! Absolutely every bit helps! Thank you!


Hello beauties, first off, I must admit that I have already lied to you; I didn’t write a play, I wrote a short play titled FRONTIER. The great news is that it will be shown as part of Once Upon a Theatre Collective’s ONCE UPON AN EVENING OF SHORT PLAYS 2: LET THERE BE LIGHT. The other great news (depending on your opinion of me) is that I will also be featured in the short play.

The evening of plays (all created by and performed by local talent) will be next Thursday the 26th, 8:00pm at the Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen St.) for $10.00.

All proceeds go towards buying The Bus Stop Theatre a shiney new set of lights for the performance space. I’m a strong believer in The Bus Stop Theatre and the encouragement it gives local theatre artists, so it’s time that we give back dag-nammit!

To reserve tickets, please email with your name, your phone numero, and how many tickets you would like.

Come and see me be *spoiler alert* an astronaut!

Facebook Event:


Ian BurnsBLUSH RESPONSE starring myself along with Cheryl Hann will be included in the 30th annual Atlantic Film Festival taking place between September 16th & 26th! The festival is always a fun experience to be a part of, and I’m really happy that BLUSH RESPONSE is going to get another screening in Halifax thanks to this news.

I’ve been proclaiming NSCAD as the champion of film schools for the last couple of years, and you need to look no further than the Atlantic Film Festival’s lineup for evidence of the quality films they’re kicking out.

The short film already played in April as part of the NSCAD thesis film screening; if you missed it then, now’s your chance for redemption.

Anyways, I’ll post some more info (showtimes, venue, etc.) as it comes in. Hip hip hooray!


Picnicface’s ROLLER TOWN is now gearing up to develop their two minute faux-trailer into a full-blown, full-length feature film shooting in Halifax next month. Much the same as Jason Eisener‘s HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, their short trailer turned feature film included one thing…

Me, baby. Me.

You put me in your project, and I will skyrocket that puppy into Hollywoodland quicker than you can say “Who doesn’t mind showing their ass on camera?”

So either I have the magic/voodoo touch, or I’m just a lucky bastard who has managed to work with some really talented folks.

Regardless, Picnicface is looking for funding for ROLLER TOWN, and they are looking to you to donate some of your hard-earned dollars; but lucky for you, they have some pretty amazing rewards for those of you looking to share some love…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But seriously, c’mon, I am magic.